Here are my TOP TEN WAYS TO DRESS LIKE A MUM  as featured on Selfish Mother:

Dressing Like A Mum is a misconception, there is no such thing.

All people whether they are parents or not should be encouraged and have the right to dress however they want to and in a way that makes them feel the most confident, happy, comfortable and good about themselves.

When you become a mother your priorities change and you have less time to think about yourself. There is a danger for mums to forget who they are, their identity and what they love amidst the madness and commotion of motherhood.

Fashion and the way you dress is a part of expressing yourself and your identity and you should still enjoy your clothes and fashion regardless of your Mum status.

Here are some tips on how to dress for yourself, to keep your love of clothes and to remind you not to lose YOU:

  1. Do not save too many things for best – chances are you’ll go out less once you become a mum which means all those sequin skirts and jazzy shirts might not attend the parties they used to but wear them to daytime events instead.

  2. Try new styles and trends and do not assume things won’t suit you before you’ve given them a go. For example Dungarees, Jumpsuits – try one you might like it!

  3. If you love clothes, keep that love and do not let yourself fall into a lazy default style. Think of clothes you haven’t worn for a while and try wearing them in a different way.

  4. Practical things can be fun too – ankle boots can be silver or red, raincoats can be yellow, hats can be bright and nappy bags can be cool.

  5. If you love putting on comfy clothes or a tracksuit at the end of the day make sure its one you love – not some dodgy, stained one with holes.

  6. Pay attention to details and accessories eg. wear leopard print or sparkly socks, wear scarves, big rings, bright handbags.

  7. Make-up – a bright lip can distract from a tired eye! A good base, blusher and bronzer can help wake your face up.

  8. Shop your wardrobe – if you are breastfeeding don’t assume the only thing you can wear are shirts, with layering and thinking in clever ways there are usually loads of ways you can get nipple access.

  9. If you like it wear it – you’ve had a child, you can do anything, you have nothing to prove to anyone. You are dressing for yourself so if you like it go for it. An outfit you feel good in can make for a good day.

  10. Smile – everything looks better with a smile.