Our mission is to create and produce sustainable products.

Dress Like A Mum is not a perfectly sustainable brand and recognises the contradiction between fashion consumption and the concept of sustainability. However sustainability, quality, durability, and the highest ethical standards have been carefully considered, investigated and looked into for every product and collaboration we do. 

Dress Like A Mum is committed to making better choices every day across the business to minimise our social and environmental impact. We understand that sustainability and ethics are ever evolving and we will try to keep up but if there is anything you feel we could improve on or consider please get in touch email us at hello@dresslikeamum.com.  


Our sunglass frames this season are handmade using Eco Acetate, a plant based acetate produced from wood pulp without any chemical plasticisers to create a material very low in phthalates.

This information will be updated every time a product launches.


All DLAM packaging is either recyclable or recycled.