Introducing Part 2 of the Rad Union x DRESS LIKE A MUM shopping trolley collaboration with original print design by The Violet CollectiveAvailable now at Rad Union store 
New DLAM x RAD Union Collaboration

The seven biggest supermarkets in the UK still sell the equivalent of ten plastic bags per UK resident every year, despite the changes in the law. It’s time to change, for good. But, doing the right thing doesn’t have to be so serious! Rad Union is a British brand which hand-assembles unique shopping trollies from its home in Leeds. It collaborates with illustrators, designers and creatives to curate its stunning bags that are stylish, fun, sustainable and practical. 
The new Dress Like a Mum trolley features an original 'Smiling is Contagious' dot print that has been designed in partnership with the brilliant Violet Collective. 
It’s emblazoned with a small but perfectly formed DLAM logo, on a badge crafted by Hand and Lock, embroiders to the Royal Family and Savile Row tailors.
Dress Like A Mum x Rad Union Trollies

Zoë says:

My Rad Union shopping trolley has changed the way I shop. I feel pretty passionately about supporting the independent, local shops in my area and my trolley means I can stock up locally without having to worry about how I’m going to carry it all home. It is also super useful in other areas of my life - I take it to the park, beach, laundrette, to festivals, I carry my mail in it and basically fill it with everything I used to have to carry. Now my kids are coming out of the pushchair phase, it means what I used to stash under the pram I can now fit in my trolley.  It is also a conversation starter - so many people stop and chat to me about it because they've never seen such a fun trolley. Honestly this trolley is brilliant and I used it all the time

Whether taking a trip to your local high street, treating yourself to a picnic, having a day at the beach or simply carting endless amounts of kids’ stuff, this RAD Union trolley will get you there with ease.
The details: 
  • Holds 35 litres  
  • Bag size 54x20x35cm 
  • Foldable trolley for easy storage 
  • Clips onto the front of supermarket trollies, so it’s easily carried around the supermarket (and can be loaded straight up at those stores with scan and pack facilities)  
  • UK-made steel frame 
  • Smooth, strong wheels that glide with ease 

DLAM x Rad Union Trolley Collaboration 

You can still buy the original Dress Like A Mum x Rad Union design just click the link below.


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