‘DRESS LIKE A MUM’ was created by Zoë de Pass and launched in 2015. The campaign was designed to dispel the myth that mum’s can’t dress, with the motivation being to speak to and inspire women not to lose themselves, their identity and energy in the midst of parenthood or 'middle' age, plus develop creative sustainable wardrobes for women as they moved through the various stages in their lives.

Zoë (a mother of three) lives in Brighton, and is hugely passionate about sustainable fashion. Her commitment for sustainable style came from an early age and has been demonstrated throughout her career, having gained vast experience as a Senior Brand Strategist and Trend Analysis working with the world’s leading fashion and beauty brands 

In 2017, Zoë set up fashion label DLAM. With longevity and sustainability at the heart of her vision, she developed a range of products that include multiple (sell out) DLAM sunglasses, footwear, active wear, t-shirts and accessories. She has also worked alongside many retailers, independent artists and labels including Air & Grace, Marks and Spencer, Beyond 9, and Hopeful London to name but a few.

Dress Like A Mum

The DRESS LIKE A MUM campaign has attracted a large following on social media and in the press (and continues to do so) with a large following of loyal fans (mostly women) who relate to its positive ethos and empowering messages.

Zoë has worked with a number of brands and partners including Oxfam and Marks and Spencer and is hugely passionate about independent brands as well. She has also recently set up her own philanthropic venture titled the ‘DLAM Project’ collaborating with various independent artists raising money for designated charities. Zoë enjoys spending time with her family, festivals and outdoor pursuits and has recently started an annual women’s only ski event.

The majority of the photography on this website was created by the incredibly talented @janelookerphotography. Thank you Jane for everything.


Dress Like A Mum