Zoë has worked and collaborated on many successful, engaging and innovative projects since founding DRESS LIKE A MUM in 2015.

Being one of the first London based mothers to rise and gain massive popularity on the Instagram platform, she has been hugely influential and pioneered the way in which brands and Influencers collaborate.  Zoë has hosted events, designed products plus worked with brands on a strategic level -developing long and short term campaigns as well as creating adverts for many global brands.

Dress Like A Mum Collaborations

She has co-designed multiple (sell out) design collaborations including a range of footwear with Air & Grace, a jumpsuit with Beyond 9, a shopping trolley with Rad Union and a collection of bags with Hopeful London. Zoë also designed a (sell out) range of sliders with Marks & Spencer named The Zoë.

Zoë also has her own sunglasses, fashion, accessories and creative collaboration brand called DLAM by Zoë de Pass. Designing pyjamas, tracksuits, beanie hats, T-shirts, sports leggings and bags.

One of Zoë’s other passions is supporting and helping good causes. She is a long-term partner of Oxfam and a regular shopper in their online shop. She has also spent the last few years supporting thier 'Second hand September' campaign. Zoë also founded her own PROJECT DLAM campaign, commissioning female creatives, illustrators and designers to design T-shirt and sweatshirts then giving a proportion of the money raised from sales to various charities. Zoë is hugely passionate about sustainable brands and In 2017 she travelled to India to see the work being funded by the H&M Foundation to improve the sanitation and lives of garment workers.

Dress Like A Mum Project DLAM

If you want to work with Zoë on a project please get in touch hello@dresslikeamum.com