I am a long-term supporter and ambassador for Oxfam, and every year commit and promote their Second hand September campaign. In 2019 I visited the Yorkshire based sorting warehouse to see what happens to the clothes that we donate to Oxfam, learnt about how they are sorted, recycled and resold. It was so interesting to see how it all works and to see first hand that absolutely nothing goes to waste.

Oxfam x Dress Like A Mum

I was delighted to be asked to organise a trip for a selection of influencers and small business owners to see behind the scenes of Oxfam’s online shop. We had the privilege of rooting through the rails - it was so amazing to see all the fantastic array of clothes in real life being sold on the website. Loads of people aren’t aware of the online shop - meaning there are some real gems hidden in there. I was very impressed with their selection of wedding dresses and sequin jackets.

Recently I also supported the amazing Bay Garnett’s campaign with the charity visiting the opening of the Selfridges Pop-Up to celebrate the launch of 'Second hand September'.

Dress like a Mum x Oxfam