I was recently featured on Sportstylist - the sports community for women who seek an active lifestyle:

We spoke to Zoë de Pass founder of the DRESS LIKE A MUM campaign that strives to break down the myth that mum’s tend to lose their sense of style as soon as they have kids.

Zoë De Pass Is Busting Myths On Mum-Dressing

“I am aware that when you become a mother you have A LOT less time for yourself and your priorities change, I am also aware that some women once they become a mother struggle with their fashion identity and feel that they should change the way they dress.  I think mums should wear whatever they like, whatever they feel confident and happy wearing - I believe a good outfit can make for a better day!”

Through her website, popular Instagram channel and by creating content like this video where she highlights perceptions on 'mum-dressing', Zoë is inspiring women not to lose their love of clothes because they are pregnant or breastfeeding or at risk of having food thrown in their direction!

You can read the rest here.