I was recently interviewed for the kids directory and magazine Little Flea kids.

A Cuppa with Zoë de Pass, DRESS LIKE A MUM

I've been following Dress Like a Mum on Instagram for a while now. Attracted to her honest and funny snippets of a mums life and of course her amazing fashion style. Her blog is equally as engaging with interesting reads and fab fashion finds. So, I was very eager to meet her in person and find out a bit more about her and how Dress like a Mum started.

The day started like any other, frantic! Trying to get the kids off to school, walk the dog, look half decent and put a bit of make-up on (that bit didn't go so well!). I was on time - or so I thought. WRONG! I suddenly realised that I had exactly 6 minutes to get to the train station to catch the train to enable me to meet the connecting train that would get me to our arranged rendezvous on time. So I ran, I ran like the wind, with a Chanel bag thrown over my shoulder, a big camera bag over the other one and another tote bag jiggling about somewhere in the middle! Why so many bags, I thought to myself! As I flew into the station, I started to overheat, the huge scarf wrapped round my neck became like a constrictor snake, I couldn't get out of it quick enough!

My carefully straightened hair started to frizz and my clammy sweaty forehead made my fringe kink. And... I missed the train. Grrrr! I realised I wasn't going to make it on time, so in a panic I emailed dear Zoe and she replied with a swift "Don't worry, that time suits me better anyway" - and I knew I was gonna like this girl very much!

So, a little bit later than planned, I eventually made it to the cafe where Zoe was sitting looking stunning in a silver sparkly tube dress, cool trainers and gorgeous jewellery. She looked fab! And over a coffee, we chatted and we laughed and I realised this lady was just as I wanted her to be, totally real, fun and completely lovely. Here's what she had to say about Dress like a Mum...

You can read the full interview here.