Cool Things of the Week 26th February

Its Friday (again - the weeks are going so fast) which means I have another round up of things to recommend to you.


DLAM Cool Things of the Week Balance Me

Is anyone else looking back on photos of days gone by and concluding (like me) that they look SO much better with a bit of a tan? I really need some sunshine in my life. Failing that i’ve started adding these tried and tested Balance Me tanning drops to my day cream - just to ‘take the edge off’.

2. PODCAST: Dolly Parton’s America

Cool Things of the Week Dolly Parton Podcast

If you haven't listened to this then you are in for a treat. Dolly Parton is so mysterious, interesting, cool, generous and funny - and she has done SO many brilliant things in her life. It is quite rare to hear such an in depth interview with Dolly as she generally keeps herself to herself which is why this podcast is even more special.


DLAM Cool Things of the Week Face Massager Tool

If I’m honest I don’t really know what i’m doing with this but most nights (while i’m in bed reading) I have started to use a face massaging tool and I feel like it works. They are supposed to ‘stimulate the lymphatic system to get rid of toxins, decrease puffiness, aid muscle tension and stimulate blood-flow to increase your skin’s glow’ as well as to encourage your skin to absorb your skin care products better. And I think they work. There are loads of videos on how to do it (that I should really watch). Has anyone else had good experiences with these?

4. ART

DLAM Cool Things of the Week Emma Makes Prints

I’m a massive fan of Emma Make’s work. She has got such a talent and skill for colours, composition and creating the most beautiful works. Emma has recently added some beautiful landscape prints to her Etsy collection - please have a look. 


DLAM Cool Things of the Week Toothpaste

This is quite random but I love this toothpaste from Love Beauty & Planet (a great beauty brand). It is formulated with 98% naturally derived ingredients, including ethically sourced extracts and oils. It is infused with activated charcoal and orange blossom - it tastes delicious and whitens your teeth.


DLAM Cool Things of the Week Rachel Jackson Necklace

I have barely taken this necklace off since I got it. It goes with everything and is the perfect length for both layering and for wearing on its own. I’ve been a long time fan of Rachel Jackson Jewellery. I love her designs (check out the MAMA necklaces and hexagon hoop earrings) and the quality is great too. The perfect place to get a treasured gift.


DLAM Cool Things of the Week Ivyt

If you are looking for a perfect basic T-shirt then I would like to suggest that you start (and end) at Ivy. I love it when a brand concentrates on doing one thing and doing it well and this is what Ivy is doing with the simple T. They mainly focus on the staple colours but do a great breton too.


DLAM Cool Things of the Week eCoffee Cup

Time to up your cup game. eCoffee cups are made with natural fibre, corn starch and resin they are BPA, BPS and phthalate-free and are a pleasure to drink out of. The question is - which colour to go for?


DLAM Cool Things of the Week Motherhood Your Way

Mother Hood Your Way by Hollie de Cruz ‘how to worry less and enjoy more in your baby’s first year’ the book I wish i’d had 8 years ago. This is not a how to do it book but more aims to empower and encourage new parents to trust and  listen to your instincts. Hollie has written a couple of books now including ‘Your Baby Your Birth’ which I found so valuable in the preparation for birth.