My picks of the week this week include things that I love, use and wear every single day.



I am obsessed with my Triumph Fit Smart Bras. They are hands down the best bras I own and wear. They are the absolute perfect lockdown (and beyond bra) firstly because of  the way they fit and the sizing - unlike the classic back and cup measurement these are sized in a numerical way and then the clever 3D fabric moulds to fit you. There are 2 styles - one with a lower centre bit which is better for wearing with lower cut tops, then the higher version i’d recommend for T-shirts. They are non-wired, come in cool colours and I think they make ones boobs a nice shape!


Where the Crawdads Sing - Cool Things DLAM Blog

I read this book a while ago and I think it's one of the best i’ve ever read. I didn’t really know much about the book or author Delia Owen before I started reading it but I was absolutely captivated. The originality, romance, characters and whole premise - it was just so good. Reese Witherspoon has bought the film rights and together with a female team will be turning it into a movie, Kya the main character will be played by Daisy Edgar-Jones. I can’t wait.


The Missing Podcast Cool Things of the Week DLAM

The Missing Podcast presented by Pandora Sykes about missing people. Each gripping episode delves deeply into a different case all of which are both fascinating and mystifying. I am desperate to be able to help or to see closure for any of these poor families and for the mysteries to be solved! 


Kemi Telford Cool Things of the Week DLAM Blog

The countdown to Spring dress season is ON. If you are looking for bold patterns in - suit everyone shapes then please check out Kemmie Telford. I have an amazing sun dress from a few years back that I LOVE, but the brand releases new dresses regularly (and they sell out) so keep an eye out. I’d also recommend following Yvonne on Instagram for her wise words and love of ancient proverbs.


Phillips Steamer Cool Things of the Week DLAM blog

I hate ironing - it's not the actual action of ironing I hate but more like the faff of actually doing it. I avoid wearing certain things in my wardrobe because they are so creased and for some reason I just can not make the time to iron my clothes. So - I got myself a Steamer which is much quicker, easier and with hardly any faff. The one I went for was the Phillips Steam & Go plus - and it does the job well!


Recover Bundle Cool Things of the Week DLAM blog

Jamii is a discount card and discovery platform showcasing the best of independent black-owned businesses in the UK. The site features beauty products, fashion, art, haircare, wellness, food brands, toys and more. There are some stunning brands on the site and loads of gift ideas - like this new mum Recover Bundle by Mum Bub Hub.

7. RUN

NRC Nike app Cool Things of the Week DLAM Blog

I try to run every other day - sometimes I'm more motivated and better at running than other days but I have found the (free) Nike running app super helpful. They have a variety of guided runs where trainers talk you through the runs, giving you tips, motivation and techniques but you can also set your own targets - distance, speed or just track yourself.


Lumnity Life Vitamins Cool Things of the Week DLAM blog

I’ve spoken about taking the Lumity supplements a few times before because (honestly) I really rate them. If you are looking for a good all round immunity and health supplement then please look into them and their benefits. Lumity also has a version designed for men as well as some of the best skincare products I’ve ever used - check out the 4 in 1 Cleanse.