In this week's COOL THINGS OF THE WEEK I have the headphones that changed my life, an idea for how you can cover for the lack of hairdressers and an unexpected fashion item that I can’t take off.


DLAM Cool Things of the Week - Nail Varnish

Continuing on my obsession with all things lilac this week i've been pretty pleased with my Rimmel London WILD-ER-NESS 60 seconds nail varnish. It is such a nice colour and has cheered up my mood and hands!


DLAM Cool Things of the Week - Such a Fun Age Kelly Reid

Such A Fun Age by Kiley Reid - This is an absolutely incredible and important book. So challenging, gripping and thought provoking. I thought about it a lot once I'd finished it and felt myself desperate to discuss it with other people who'd also read it. Please read it and let me know what you think and feel.


DLAM Cool Things of the Week - Louie Theroux Podcast

This week I'd like to recommend Louis Theroux’s Grounded (Series 1 & 2) Podcast. I'm a big fan of Louis - I like his interview style, manner and his documentaries. All of the episodes are good but I particularly liked the Michaela Coel one - what an incredibly cool, interesting, talented woman. Please listen.


DLAM Cool Things of the Week - Apple Airpods

For Christmas I got some Apple Airpod headphones and they are absolutely brilliant. I have grappled with headphones for years - tangled in wires, having issues with wonky bluetooth and with ear squashers - but these are the best. I just need to make sure I remember where I put them!


DLAM Cool Things of the Week - Hair Clip Mansion Archives

My hair is nothing short of a disaster at the moment, the only solution is a hat or a distraction in the way of a hair accessory. I love Mansion Archives shell and fruit clips for this.


DLAM Cool Things of the Week - No7 Boots cream

I love a balm cleanser and my go to is this one by Boots No7 I use it to remove all my makeup - including any i'm wearing on my eye then I wipe it off with a soft hot cloth. It is a pleasure to use.

7. BAG

DLAM Cool Things of the Week - Tiba & Marl

Cool and practical are not mutually exclusive as proved by this Tiba + Marl bag. Perfectly practical - eg. with insulated pockets for baby bottles but also in this perfect colour that sits between lilac and pink. It also comes in a mini version.


DLAM Cool Things of the Week - Dark Noir by Bulan

I'm not sure about anyone else but I have got VERY into burning scented candles this winter. I have just got to the end of this delicious one called Dark Noir by Bulan - it smells more spicy than sweet and I loved it.


DLAM Cool Things of the Week Burton Snowboards

I would have never thought that I'd be wearing more fleeces than sequins! But as we all know - times have changed. (I am fine with them changing back sometime soon though...). Anyway whenever I am looking for practical, cold weather gear I always start with the ski/snowboard brands and my favourite is Burton Snowboards - as a brand I respect their eco credentials, design details and cool!