Welcome to COOL THINGS OF THE WEEK my (Zoë’s) weekly roundup of things I’ve enjoyed that week. Whether it is a podcast (I love podcasts), books (I read every night), an electrical product (that actually works), an event, small business, beauty product or a drink if i’ve tried it and liked it then I will be recommending it to you here.


Cool Things of the Week DLAM

This week’s podcast is a new one from Wondery Media called  The Apology Line. It is a true crime podcast about a phone number in Manhattan - The Apology Line, that people could call to confess and apologise for their wrong doings and the man (Mr Apology) who started it. I'm a huge fan of true crime podcasts and I'm enjoying this one for the very unexpected way it is unravelling. 

2. BOOK 

Double Life Book

A Double Life by Charlotte Philby is one of the best, well written, unpredictable, surprising  books I’ve read in awhile. Without giving anything away it is about a woman’s double life and is completely original and gripping right up to the very end. It kept me up late though as I couldn't stop reading.


DLAM Cool Things of the Week 5th Feb - Trinny London

I have recently discovered Trinny London BBR EYE Serum Concealer, a genius product as it does 2 things at once. Covers my eye bags as well as being an eye serum. It is easy to apply, is long lasting and is a pleasure to use. I’m very happy to have discovered this one!


DLAM Cool Things of the Week - Jumpsuit

I have a thing for lilac, I have a thing for jumpsuits - so clearly I love this Alexa Chung number. I think the Alexa Chung brand is going from strength to strength at the moment. I like that the collections and amount of products isn’t vast and that they are instead focusing on a few great pieces. 


DLAM Cool Things of the Week - Birkenstocks

Fur lined Birkenstock so wrong but so right. Fur lined summer shoes are like having a cup of tea on a summer's day - you don't think they will work but absolutely do.


Dlam Cool Things of the Week - JEWELLERY

I'm a massive gold hoop earring fan and top of my wishlist are these 'love you to the bone' hoops by ethical, fair trade jeweller Kassandra Lauren Gordon.


DLAM Cool Things of the Week - Gimber Drink

I recently discovered a drink called Gimber - which is basically a ginger concentrate. You can drink it in different ways but I had it over ice mixed with fizzy water and (unbelievably to me) it hit the spot that an alcoholic drink usually hits. Delicious.


DLAM Cool Things of the Week - Cushion

I'm cushion hunting at the moment and these ones by In Casa by Paboy have been in my saved folder for weeks. Paboy is from Gambia and is currently seeking asylum in Italy where he handmakes these from local Italian cotton. They are so cool - I love the frills!

10. RUG

DLAM Cool Things of the Week - West Elm Rug

I have and love this rug. I think rugs are hard to buy online - its rug minefield out there! But this is a great one. I have 3 rugs from West Elm and I can recommend them all - great designs and quality.