Welcome back to COOL THINGS OF THE WEEK. 


Cool Things face oil

I’ve been using face oils at night for a while now mainly because I find they work really well to hydrate my skin without it feeling greasy. I tend to rotate which ones I use but my current favourites are: Aurelia Cell Repair Night Oil, Decléor soothing comfort oil-serum and Skin & Tonic Brit Beauty Oil.

Cool Things Face oilCool Things Skin + Tonic



DLAM Cool Things Baskets

Oooo I do love a basket. We have baskets for toys, make up, washing, bins, shoes - there seems to be a basket that can solve many storage problems. If you too are looking for a basket to solve almost anything then I recommend The Basket Room - they have loads of designs and types (including lovely handbag baskets). The Basket Room works with a Kenyan co-operative to ethically and sustainably make their baskets.


DLAM Cool Things of the Week

How are you feeling about renting clothes? I recently tried out ON LOAN a member loan service and I thought it was great. Easy to use and the selection of clothes and sizes on offer was great. There are a few companies out there with slightly different offerings (check out Hurr, My Wardrobe HQ) but all it is is a mindset. You feel like you’d like to wear a new dress for a special occasion or want to update your skiwear for your holiday - rent it.  


DLAM Cool Things of the Week

This week i’d recommend the amazing Skin’s (from Skunk Anansie) podcast called Skin Tings. She has some incredible guests on it but I particularly liked hearing her chat to Debbie Harry - I'm not sure you could get 2 more generation defining cooler female artists together.


DLAM Cool Things of the Week Brush set

Handle Recycling’s goal is to recycle 1 million pieces of beauty packaging, turning them into new products - that also look very cool. What an awesome idea. 


DLAM Cool Things of the Week Red Wine Co-op

I LOVE red wine and while participating in a Fair Trade wine tasting session the other week I was reminded of this beauty. Co-op Fairtrade Irresistible Malbec £7.50 - full bodied, delicious and produced in Argentina by one of their most respected winemakers, Rodolfo Griguol. Buying and supporting Fair Trade makes a real difference to the producers - please look out for it 


DLAM Cool Things of the Week Dungerees

I’m a long term lover of dungarees (and no for the record you are not too old to wear them) I feel like I know how to hunt out the good ones and have just ordered these to add to the collection (but also love the dusty pink ones). I’ll be wearing them with a bright pink t-shirt and sliders.


DLAM Cool Things of the Week - necklace

Wonder is an ethical and sustainable jewellery brand who designs set out to celebrate and remind women to be proud of who they are and what they have achieved. The Ukrainian founder and designer uses mainly recycled gold and silver and synthetic diamonds. I love it all!