I recently came across this gorgeous 100% natural & organic coconut oil and felt the need to share it!  It can be so hard and confusing to know what to put on your baby - you obviously want it to be the most gentle and effective it can be, but sometimes its confusing as to what is actually in the products and how pure they really are.  Kokoso was created by Lauren who was after something natural to use on her children, and when she couldn't find anything decided to create her own.  I have tried it on my daughter (and me) and i can highly recommend it - its so smooth and soft and smells amazing!

Here is a super sweet video about it:

And here is what Lauren would like us to know about her award winning product:

NAME OF BRAND/COMPANY: Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil


BY WHOM IT WAS FOUNDED: Mum-of-two Lauren Taylor




WHY WAS IT CREATED: Lauren started Kokoso Baby after discovering the wonders of coconut oil when her first baby had dry skin and cradle cap. She wanted to use something natural and organic, and was so amazed by the results and multitude of uses that she thought everyone needed to ditch the chemicals found in traditional baby skincare products and start using coconut oil instead.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: Kokoso Baby is the highest quality fresh-pressed raw virgin organic coconut oil for baby-soft babies. Ultra lightweight and packed with amazing natural nutrients, it can be used as a nourishing body butter, soothing bottom balm, heavenly baby massage oil and may even help soothe dry skin and cradle cap. Lauren won the Boots ‘Inspired by Baby’ competition for parents with ideas to make life easier for other mums and dads.

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: Kokoso Baby is available at Boots (£7.99) and you can also buy a natural cradle cap brush set at