More tips - this time its Tinted Moisturiser.  If you are anything like me/ most mums/ party girls (basically most young women who aren't 100% dedicated to health/sleep/diet/looking good etc.) you will have days when you wake up and look like a bit grey and tired - well Tinted Moisturiser could be your answer!

Tinted Moisturiser is my beauty STAPLE!

I use one on myself everyday,  and use it alone or layered with other base products (concealer, foundation etc) for male and female clients. I think a thin coat can even out skintone, and often you can pat a bit extra in the areas that may need a bit more coverage. All the formulas I chose have SPF, protecting your skin from damaging overexposure to sun.

For best results, apply your normal moisturiser first, let set a few minutes and then do the tinted moisturiser. You generally dont need to powder as this would eliminate the lovely dewy finish.

Here are my top 3!

1. Laura Mercier: this classic choice comes in a fantastic range of colours and in regular or oil free formulation. It is slightly a thicker consistency, but I really love it. I often use it on men as a base and sometimes dilute it with a primer or light moisturiser.

2. Trish McEvoy: Beauty Booster Cream: This lovely formula is a recent discovery for me,  ½ pump will do and it is lasting ages. It is lightweight, has a lovely texture and glowy/perfecting finish. Be warned, you may have a sharp intake of breath at the price, but I think it is worth it.

3. Aveda: I really love the texture of this tinted moisturiser. A little goes a long way and I find the mid tones have a good amount of beige that give a great neutral skin tone.