I love a cream blush it really helps my often grey from tiredness face - here are some more insider tips and tricks from Tahira the pro.

Cream blush is my secret weapon.


Not so secret anymore.

Here is the secret: I don't just use it on my cheeks!

Cream blush is my trick to 3D cheeks, a natural flush, livening up a tired face, instant healthy look and general all round pick-me-up. Truthfully I use a variety of products as a cream blush, but I will try to keep it simple.

Here is how I use cream blush:

1. Stand Alone: On it's own, cream blush on the apples of the cheeks gives a lovely, easily applied (tips of the finger) flush to the cheeks that looks natural, like 'part of' the skin. Try cherry tones for a fresh flush or corals for a warmer look (good for olive skin), for a youthful lively look, place it on the apples of the cheeks. Try Armani Blush Fabric

2. As a Base Blush: Use before applying powder blush to add depth and staying power. I dab and blend it onto the apples of the cheeks (for fresh natural blush) OR just under the cheekboneuse a more neutral tone, so it acts as blush/contour and is more modern.) Then I sweep my powder blush over top. This gives the powder staying power and I use it EVERYDAY on myself. I use MAC Creamblend in Brit Wit or Lady Blush.

3. On the brow bone: This is the my secret weapon to liven up a face, finish a "no make up make up look", and add a bit of warmth to the face without obvious make up. I use this trick on me, models and actors all the time! Dab with the tip of your finger right above the crease of the eye on the bone part of the socket. Try RMS Beauty in Smile

As a Bonus, here are 3 more Cream Blushes I love! Stila Convertible ColourBenefint Cha Cha tint, and NARS Matte Multiple.

There you go! Secret's out!