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The HOPE Sunglasses


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The Hope frames in milky pink tortoiseshell are here and ready to make a statement. 

The super flattering hexagon shape is easy to wear and comfortable. 

Every pair is slightly different and made with a mixture of pink and very dark black/brown eco acetate - a plant based acetate produced from wood pulp without any chemical plasticisers to create a material very low in phthalates, better for you and the environment.

All DLAM sunglasses have the signature pink triangle tip on the right arm.

They come with a metallic pink hard case that can be stored flat when it is not in use (making it easy to carry around), but then it folds out into a solid triangle case when it is.


The better you care for anything, the longer it will last so please look after your sunglasses. 

If you wear them on your head they will stretch so please avoid this. Keep them in the case to keep them safe. 

Clean them the non abrasive cloth included (or something similar). 


The Hope sunglasses comply with British and European standard BS EN ISO12312-1:2013+A1:2015

Filter category 2 - Good protection against sun glare

Warning: not for direct observation of the sun

Not for protection against artificial light sources

Not for use as eye protection against mechanical impact hazards

Not suitable for driving at night or in dull light

It is possible to reglaze our frames with a prescription lens, however do check with your optician as there can be restrictions on the size of lens they are willing to glaze.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
lynne reed
Wow 🤩

Saw these on Instagram, modelled by a very lovely famous person. I had to have them! They are gorgeous 🥰🥰🥰

Gemma Cornwall

Wow !!
What lovely sunglasses!
They are fab just need the sunshine to wear them now !
Love them

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