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These sunglasses add fun to everything. I have been wearing them when I need to liven up an otherwise plain outfit but also I have been wearing them pink on pink and with all the colours in my wardrobe.

They come with a metallic pink hard case can be stored flat when it is not in use (making it easy to carry around), but that folds out into a solid triangle case when it is.

The Peckham are perfect for festivals, holidays and to brighten up life!


Our frames this season are handmade using Eco Acetate, a plant based acetate produced from wood pulp without any chemical plasticisers to create a material very low in phthalates, better for you and the environment. 

It is possible to reglaze our frames with a prescription lens, however do check with your optician as there can be restrictions on the size of lens they are willing to glaze. 

These sunglasses conform to European standard EN12312-1:2013 

Filter category 2 - Good protection against sun glare

Warning: not for direct observation of the sun 

Not for protection against artificial light sources 

Not for use as eye protection against mechanical impact hazards 

Not suitable for driving at night or in dull light 


Good quality acetate frames, if looked after well, can last a lifetime. If you wear them on your head they will stretch so please avoid this but remember you can always ask an optician to reshape the frame to return your sunglasses to their original shape and fit. 

Keep them in the case to keep them safe. Clean them with a non abrasive cloth like the one that came with them.  

Unfortunately due to the current customs tariffs and Brexit complications we are pausing our International Shipping. 

If you would like us to ship something to you outside of the UK then please get in touch with us directly at hello@dresslikeamum.com so we can try and find the best way to arrange it.

Apologies for the inconvenience this may cause. 

Thanks Zoë X



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Vibrant and amazing for summer

Loved my glasses & they vamped up my summer and festival attire… but so so sad to have lost them at camp bestival (already 😭) need to order again when back in stock!

Gorgeous glasses

Love love love these! Add a pop of colour to your style!! So impressed with the quality! Thank you DLAM! Worth every penny! 😘

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