Mumdays is a gifting business designed for Mums who deserve a bit of a treat (which is all mums obviously).  Founded by mother of twins Ursula, who set out to make mothers feel special by giving them a bit of 'me time.'

Mumdays do stunning, practical gift boxes that include everything from flowers, to cleaning services, to beauty treatments - all of which have been carefully curated and selected with the mum in mind. 

I was lucky enough to receive a Mumdays gift box and loved it - mine included a manicure, pedicure and flowers and made me very happy!



Here is some more information on the company and how it came about:


DATE IT WAS FOUNDED: Launched December 2016

BY WHOM IT WAS FOUNDED: Ursula Brunetti, Channel Mum Vlogger and Mum of twins

WHY WAS IT CREATED:  I created Mumdays with a simple mission in mind – to make mums feel special. Becoming a first time mum of twins was such a huge adjustment for me (I’m still reeling from the shock of that first ultrasound!). One of the things I struggled most with was the fact that you no longer have any time for yourself. This inspired me to create a gifting company that offers mums exactly that – experiences and crucially, quality me-TIME that is just for them.

When it comes to mum gifts, we’re often faced with generic tat that no one really wants. I realised customers needed someone to make it easy for them to get it right with thoughtful gifts for mums.

Most of all, mums crave some quality me time (and some appreciation for all that they do). And it’s the least they deserve. As mums we’re so used to putting everyone first that I felt there needed to be a company putting mums first instead. And so Mumdays was born!



WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: Mumdays is a brand that comes from the heart and is born from that feeling every mum has of finding it all too much. Mumdays are for that mum. The mum that every so often misses a piece of the well put together (and slightly more sane) version of herself that she used to be. It’s for the mum that loves her children fiercely but doesn’t know if she is getting it right. The mum that is exhausted or lonely and juggling a thousand balls but none of them have her name on them. It’s for that mum. It’s for all mums.

I’m also proud that all Mumdays are 100% mum approved! At Mumdays we make buying thoughtful gifts easy, because all our partners are carefully handpicked and tested by our panel of influential mums, to ensure that every Mumday has the desired effect of making her feel like a real life VIP.

We blend experiences together from different partners like Le Salon, Hassle, Urban Massage and Bloom & Wild to offer practical and pampering gift solutions that are thoughtfully presented in our signature pink gift packs.

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: I’m particularly proud of our Combination gifts which blend gift experiences from different partners in combinations you can’t find anywhere else. Our Boost & Bloom gift combines gorgeous letterbox flowers from Bloom & Wild with an at-home massage from Urban Massage for an indulgent pick me up.

Or our New Mum Indulgence gift is perfect for new mums or mums to be. It includes flowers, an at home massage, domestic cleaning and even laundry collection services, all focused on making life easier with pampering and practical services – the things that make a difference to your wellbeing as a new mum.

Or you could buy one of our Moments which are stand alone experiences for a small gift or treat to self.

I really believe happy mums make for happy children. I think every mum deserves a mumday (and not just for Mother’s Day either!).