We are planning a family skiing holiday this March which I am very excited about. However the thing I am not so excited about is packing for it (I hate packing) and trying to work out what everyone needs. The kids will be 6, 4 and 10 months when we go. The older 2 will be going to ski school and the baby will be in childcare for part of the day but will going sledging and taken out to enjoy the snow and fresh air - so everyone needs the correct clothes.

You need a fair amount of kit for skiing and having the wrong clothes can effect your enjoyment of the holiday so it is important to get it right.

I always buy neutral/ unisex colours so that they can be handed down to all my kids (and their cousins) and worn off the piste too. I like to get bright colours so that I can spot the kids easily on the mountain and prefer to go for trusted ski brands as I know that technically they will work the best, and I always size up - kids grow!

I have got a lot of things from one of my favourite multi-brand kids online stores They have a great selection from a mixture of luxury and independent brands and are a one-stop shop where you can get pretty much everything you need. They deliver the next day and the customer service is one of the best I have dealt with.

So to help me and anyone else who is daunted by the prospect of packing for a family ski trip - here are my tips and kits lists:



For the baby I always pack tights as supposed to socks - socks always fall off or they are left with the exposed skin gap between their trousers and socks - so tights are perfect. I think that a snow suit is defiantely better and more comfortable for babies - ideally one with gloves or that can be tucked over itself to cover thier hands, and depending if they are walking or not feet too.

They will also need a hat or balaclava and some sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sunshine and glare of the snow.

  • Snowsuit

  • Hat + snood or balaclava

  • Gloves

  • Snow boots (if walking)

  • Thermals - top and bottoms

  • Fleece (or 2)

  • Cosy clothes for the evening

  • Sunglasses - the reflection off the snow can be really bright and damaging for babies eyes.




MINI RODINI Printed padded jumpsuit was £ 105 now £ 52.50 / IL GUFO Faux fur hat with earflaps £30 / MINI RODINI Zip fleece was £ 49 now £ 24.50

KIDS (this is also pretty much what grown-ups need too)

  • Ski Jacket + ski trousers or a Onesie

  • Ski gloves

  • Helmet (helmets can be hired in the resorts if you don’t want to invest)

  • Snood, hat and/or balaclava

  • Goggles

  • Ski socks (2 or 3 pairs for a week)

  • Thermal top + long johns (2 pairs for a week)

  • Fleece

FOR MY 6 (and three quarter) YEAR OLD SON:





STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS Zip cardigan From £ 90 / VOLCOM Ski jacket from £ 151 /

VOLCOM Ski overalls £ 133 / ZIPIZI IZIPIZI Ski goggles £72

FOR MY 4 (and three quarter) YEAR OLD DAUGHTER:





MOLO Ski coat £170 / THE NORTH FACE Ski pants £88 / MOLO Ski mittens £38 /

JEAN BOURGET was £45 now £27


I think that it is always worth taking slippers and a dressing gown for the kids. After they have been skiing all day they will just want to be cosy and the chances are you won’t be taking them out in the evening so onesies, sleeping socks, dressing gowns and extra pyjamas are always good.



MOLO Printed bathrobe £80 / FALKE
Non-slip slippers

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