Little Poppins bespoke children's clothes, have been hand drawn and sewed by Art teacher, Artist and Mother Holly. Holly set up Little Poppins when, after not finding what she wanted to dress her child in decided to make it.  

All her designs are hand drawn and can be personalised for the children they are for. Her collection includes - customised baby name t-shirts, customised initial baby vests and bodysuits and animal or picture motives.

Here is what Holly would like us to know about her brand and what she loves about doing it:

NAME OF BRAND: Little Poppins

FOUNDED IN: December 2013

FOUNDED BY: Holly Roberts



WHY WAS IT CREATED: I created this idea as I was pregnant at the time and struggling to find anything on the high street which was gender neutral that had any colour in it as I hadn't found out what I was having. Really disliked most cream/yellows boring baby clothes on offer. So thought about what I would like to see on the rails which wasn't there as an option. And I really think there is a gap for something colourful, simple yet classic. Nothing too cutesy or presumptuous about the small human or parents who dress them! Apart from of course an eye for design and colour! My husband and I are both artists, so appreciate a little more choice when it comes to most things.



WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: My brand is built on a love of drawing and textiles. I'm a fine art graduate from Norwich Art School and a recent Master of Contemporary Art. An Art teacher by day and an inspired business woman by night! As well as fitting this into being a new Mum. All designs are hand drawn from references, hand cut and sewn on using my trusty sewing machine. All done in the hours when my daughter sleeps. Lovingly made for their little owners and parents to cherish. My brand is an injection of personality into baby and children's wear which is affordable.

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: Best sellers have proven to be personalised named garments from sleep-suits to toddler T'shirts. The truth is, meeting my customers has been the best inspiration and some of my favourite designs have evolved from requests which push me to be more creative. It is two years since I started this little hobby which has developed into such a joy making bespoke items which are personal and meaningful. So, you should buy what you like- something you would buy because it is unique and your kids love it too. I aim to make what the customer wants. It's like when you have a dream dress/outfit but can't find it in the shops.... (Because you made it up!) That. But for kids.