NAME OF BRAND/COMPANY: The company is named Theo + George, after the founders grandfathers.

DATE IT WAS FOUNDED: The company was originally founded in 2014 but was completely rebranded and relaunched in 2017 with a new image and new collection.

BY WHOM IT WAS FOUNDED: Theo + George was founded by Katie O’Riordan, a working mother of two. Katie, originally from Philadelphia, honed her craft by managing the outerwear department for a leading multinational sportswear company in the US, before settling in Ireland.

With a degree in physics and a background in architecture and fashion, Katie has taken her unique skills and applied them to her life’s passion. She has received increasing recognition for her work in the fashion industry - in 2015 she made the shortlist for the IDI Universal Design Award and was awarded the title of 2017 IFIA Fashion Designer of the Year.


WHY WAS IT CREATED: Theo + George was born out of a need for high quality, comfortable and stylish basics that fit into every woman’s wardrobe and serve as the foundation for effortless dressing. Based on an ethos of buying less and choosing well, Katie creates exceptionally crafted pieces that work together and help to remove the excess of clutter from your wardrobe.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: Theo + George, strive to do everything with social responsibility in mind; from the design process to choosing production partners, as well as giving thought to how the products are consumed and their end of life. When creating Theo + George, sustainability in fashion was at the forefront and Katie knew she wanted it at the core of the brand. Once you have learnt of the devastation, environmental impacts and human costs associated with the fashion industry, you can’t knowingly continue to ignore and at Theo + George, they continue to put that at the top of their priority list.


WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: We work with some of the best cashmere factories in the world who offer 100% traceability and are BCSI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) approved. The factories are completely vertical and they buy their cashmere fibres directly from the herdsman from Tibet and Inner Mongolia, who have made sure to look after the health of their goats as well the careful combing of the hair to protect their skin - healthy goats are necessary for high-quality cashmere fibres year after year! As we only sell online we avoid those high retail costs and can pass on those savings to our customers.

We have a range of cashmere pieces including crew neck and turtleneck cashmere sweaters which are available in a range of colours as well as black and grey cashmere leggings – the ultimate in comfort.


As the colder months roll in we’ve found ourselves living in bomber jackets. They’re the perfect piece for layering while ensuring to keep the cold at bay. Our Alannah Bomber Jacket is super sleek in design and made from ultra-soft black diamond quilted suede - it is the most luxuriously soft fabric we've ever felt. The lengthened sleeves are added for a modern twist, the hem, collar and cuff are finished with a rib detailing, and the lining is made of the most buttery lightweight satin fabric.

The Sarah Satin Bomber is a lighter weight sleeker sister to the Alannah bomber jacket. It’s cut from lustrous satin and fully lined. Zip detail up the back for design and function. Unzip a bit for a looser fit around your waist without losing the bomber aesthetic.