I recently had the pleasure (and believe me it was pleasurable) of driving a Volvo (specifically a XC90 D5 PowerPulse AWD R-Design) to Festival Number 6 - which is an amazing festival in Portmeirion, North Wales that Volvo sponsor.



If you think about what the exact opposite of this car is, that is what I currently drive so as soon as I sat in this car I was not only in love but in slight disbelief that driving can actually be so comfortable.

This car does so much, it has features that I didn't even know existed in a car but every single one made our journey and drive more pleasurable. I am a big appreciator of design, and the research and innovation that companies invest in to developing into products and details that make them the best they can be and this is something Volvo clearly does.



However you most probably haven't come to this blog to read about cars, (although you may well drive one and be considering getting a new car at some point),  I am going to briefly tell you why I think the New Volvo XC90 is so good:  

  • It looks amazing and is super stylish - each detail has been designed to make driving simpler, more enjoyable, and less stressful.

  • It drives like a smooth dream (and if you press a button pretty much drives by itself)

  • It has 7 seats

  • It has intuitive technology so everything links together (and is potentially smarter than you are).

  • It is one the the safest cars on the road

  • It is very, very comfortable

  • It is fuel efficient (the Hybrid version)

  • It is designed in Scandinavia - and is made from the finest materials—like soft leather, and grainy wood.

  • You can connect it to the apps in your IPhone

  • It is perfect for families



The only bad thing about this car was that we had to give it back.