It's January and (as usual) i've vowed to get fit and tone up, but this year its really going to happen because i've teamed up with Personal Trainer and Nutritionalist Eleanor.

Eleanor became a Personal Trainer because she wants to help people understand fitness, health and diet and in turn help them discover a lifestyle which makes them not only look healthier but feel more positive, confident and in control. (If you need this then give her a call!)

So being in the business of fashion (and boobs) I have been thinking about what i'm going to wear to get fit in and one of the most important things to get is a decent Sports Bra. There are so many different styles out there it gets very confusing to work out what to go for, so we've made it simple: 

Here is the advice from the pro on her top two Sports Bras and what to look for: 

Hello and welcome to my first post for Dress Like A Mum. Delighted to be involved in helping all you awesome mums (and maybe some non-mums!) out with some useful nuggets regarding fitness, food and general frolics.

So let’s discuss sports bras – it’s absolutely ESSENTIAL to invest in a good one; essential to your boobs, your back and your overall comfort whilst you’re working out. Spend as little or as much as you want on workout clothing, but please do spend a few extra bob on a good bra.

If this was a women’s magazine there would follow 20 different options for various different physical pursuits: ‘Best for Yoga’, ‘Best for Running’, ‘Best for Brunch with the Girls’ (yes I’ve actually seen this one) but who has the time or money to shop for all these bras – believe me when I say a good one will last you at least a year worn regularly, and see you through whatever kind of exercise you like to partake in.

I would 100% encourage you to get fitted properly in-store, as and when possible. Like with the every-day bra, a common mistake in purchasing sports bras is to choose one that isn’t the correct size.

There are a few things to look for when it comes to shopping for the right bra. Your boobs will move in all directions when you workout so support around the whole circumference is vital. Those with smaller chests might prefer a shelf-bra, whilst bigger boobs will almost certainly be more comfortable with individual cups. Make sure there is adequate strappage (definitely a word) at the back no matter how big or small you are – the movement created by your breasts will need that support from both front and back. And finally – the minute anything starts to fray, sag or display fibres its time to get a new one.

My top pick for big boobs: the Active Multi-Sport Support Bra, Shock Absorber This racer-back bra is exceptionally comfortable as well as being hugely supportive. The cup size goes up to a 40E and the cool crop-top design includes integrated sports bra support. You will love this bra – fact. 



From £18, available from Sweat Shop, Fig Leaves, John Lewis

My top pick for small boobs: the Nike Pro Classic Bra, Nike This bra’s compression keeps everything in place, but without underwire or padding it’s super comfy for smaller boobed fitness fans. The dri-FIT fabric will keep you nice and dry and this bra is stylish enough to double up as a top for those brave enough to bare their midriffs down the gym.



Nike, available online or in-store £26 /