A friend of mine Clemmie Telford has a website called the MOTHER OF ALL LISTS. She writes funny, informative and honest lists that are always worth a read.

Here is a list i wrote for her awesome website on styling tips from bump, through breastfeeding and beyond:

  • If you are pregnant look out for non maternity clothes that are loose fitting and that you’ll be able to breastfeed in afterwards and can wear during maternity leave. 
  • Buy a few key maternity basics – like statement jeans, dungarees, maternity tights/leggings. 
  • Don’t bother getting maternity bras, get nursing bras they are the same apart from the little clasp. 
  • ‘Future proof’ your purchases – think about how they’ll work as your bump is shrinking but your boobs are still growing 
  • Vests – lycra, thin strapped stretchy ones, wear them under everything – top top comes up, vest comes down, nipple comes out, tummy stays hidden. 
  • You can wear dresses – you just have to think about access and dress around it. 
  • Lycra boob tubes can be used as belly bands, they will allow you to wear your normal t-shirts/ tops that once you have a bigger belly sill fit shorter. 
  • Get some cool trainers – some that are super comfortable and that you love as you’ll be walking a lot. 
  • Dungarees – are cool and are made for breastfeeding. 
  • Jumpsuits – you can get loads of different styles – smart ones, casual ones they are an outfit in one. They are perfect for breastfeeding, are flattering and you won’t get ‘mum bum’ in rhyme time when you are sat crossed legged on the floor. Don’t assume they won’t suit you until your try one on. 
  • Scarves – thin ones in the summer – can also double up as a shade over the buggy when it’s hot. Thick warm ones in the winter – can also double up as a blanket if the baby gets cold. Can also be used for breastfeeding modesty if you feel you need it, and they brighten up an outfit and can be strategically placed over milk, yoghurt, food smear stains. 
  • ‘Nappy Bag’ – mines a Tiba + Marl one but any cool big bag will do. You can buy an inner bags that hold nappies/ wipes/ changing mat etc. OR put the bits in a wash bag and put that in the larger bag. Do NOT think you need to buy a plastic, owl printed, striped strapped nappy bag (unless you love them then go for it) you have options. 
  • Cross the body bag get one you love (maybe a leopard print one?!) – super useful to keep phone, wallet, lipstick in (then all of the baby stuff can go in the above mentioned nappy bag). 
  • Lipstick is your friend – it detracts from a tired eye (which i guarantee you will have) go bold, go bright and wear with a smile. 
  • Get a good CC / BB Cream / Foundation and blusher – all helps to wake up your face, eyelash curlers are good to. 
  • If you have always been interested in fashion and enjoy wearing clothes do not loose site of this and forget what you love to wear. It’ll help you stay you while in the midst of baby world madness. 
  • Do not be influenced by what other mums who were never interested in fashion in the first place are wearing. Stay true to your style and do not be afraid to try something new. 
  • Future proof your maternity purchases – think about things you can wear post baby body and to breastfeed in. 
  • Don’t save to much stuff for best – it’ll never get worn, instead wear it and enjoy it. 
  • If you like it wear it – you’ll have a better day if you are feeling confident.