Happy New Year everyone! If you are feeling anything like i am after an indulgent Christmas then some health and beauty tips to repair the damage will be what you are looking for.

Here professional Make-Up artist Tahira shares her Top Three beauty tips for 2016:

I have decided to ditch the resolutions this year and look at 2016 like yoga practice. I will set an intention at the beginning, remind myself of it throughout and be thankful for it at the end. I'll let you know how that works out for me! 

If you are looking for better self care this year, here are my top three easy and manageable beauty tips for the new year.

1. Wash off makeup EVERY night with a cloth. This prevents the build up of bacteria and dirt that can clog pores and dull skin but I really do not recommend the regular use of remover wipes. The benefits of using a cloth to cleanse include Increased circulation allowing skin drain toxins and floods the epidermis with oxygen. In addition they exfoliate dead skin cells and encourage a brighter skin and collagen production, without any costly gadgets. I like the cloths that come with both the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish and the Emma Hardie Moringa Balm. I also like to use a more gentle normal terry cloth face towel.

2. Take care of your hands, they show your age. They just do. Your hands are constantly exposed to the elements, they scrub dishes and are constantly being washed. Right now they are most likely at least a little dry, if not chapped and sore. To care for your hands,  Give them a little scrub and exfoliation from time to time (not just your nail cuticles). Mix a little coarse salt with olive oil and hand soap and rub your hands together. Pat dry and follow with a rich hand cream. My favourites are Hand Relief by AvedaPomegranate Regenerative Hand Cream by Weleda and Anti Ageing Hand Lotion by Jurlique. If a lotion or cream is not quite enough, you may need balm like Weleda Skin Food or Aesop Resurrection Hand balm.

3. Get More Rest. Preferably sleep, but naps, quiet time and meditation are all ways to rejuvenate that are not only necessary for overall health but have beauty boosting benefits. Human Growth Hormone is produced while you sleep, and is a 'crucial ingredient for collgen production' according to fitness magazine. Not enough sleep can lead to higher levels of stress hormone Cortisol, resulting in an increased breakdown of hyluoronic acid and collagen which both give your skin bounce and glow. Meditation and rest can also lead to the reduction of cortisol levels, so if you can't get more sleep, try to find time to practice mindfulness or meditation. Try  Headspace and  The Mindfulness Project for help with making meditation easy and accessible and the very interesting Sleep.org for more information on the health benefits of sleep and ways to improve your sleep.

Wishing you a very Happy, Healthy and Beautiful year.