Concealer is great - it's basically like tip-ex for your face and allows you to hide bags and blemishes which is often something i need to do. There are loads of different types, brands and consistencies - that all good for different things.

Here is D.L.A.M's professional make-up adviser the wonderful Tahira's advice on how to apply it and which brands she rates in her top three: 

I am asked about concealer more than any other product out there, so I wanted to give you a quick insight into some of my favourites.

Concealer is a broad topic, and I have an in depth article Conceal and Reveal which explains concealer technique in full, but if you are looking for a quick summary, here are my Top Three Choices:

1. Benefit Erase Paste: This is a thicker concealer and you need VERY little for it to be effective and it lasts ages. It comes in 3 warm colours as well as detailed instructions that are easy to follow and make sense. I lose the little scoop that comes with it within a day and use a brush to apply and my fingers to blend. I like it because it can be used sparingly for light coverage but built if you need more

2. Cosmetics A La Carte Undercover: I love the thin creamy blendable coverage of this beautiful product in its beautiful, compact packaging. I use Peach and Almond to correct and conceal under my eyes to match my darker skin. They do a really extensive range of colours and include a redness corrector and a personalized blend.

3. Amazing Concealer: I am just learning and discovering this product, but it is very well loved by many and I am a big fan of a liquid concealer that has good coverage. It comes in a fantastic range of colours and blends away easily.

One key to concealer is correct application: Start by dabbing the corrector on the DEEPEST area of colour and work outwards. Under your eye, this is generally closest to the nose. I tend to apply product to outer most edge of the dark circle, and then use brushes, sponges or a finger to blend the product up over the fine skin up to the lash line. My goal is to neutralise the darkest bits closest to the nose and brighten the outer socket, bringing the attention to the top of the cheekbone, which you may need a second product or highlighter for.