Hello - me again with a few of my recommendations.


Garden Parasol Business & Pleasure

I searched high and low for the perfect garden parasol and while on this search I discovered Business & Pleasure - a beautiful, classic, well designed and considered  brand that has everything outdoor related from deckchairs to picnic sets covered. I love it all - but especially my parasol!


Air & Grace Loafers

If you are not quite ready to get your toes out and have quit high heels but still want to wear the coolest shoes in town - check out the metallic pink Air & Grace loafers. They are so good.


Aveda’s new botanical repair™ strengthening leave-in treatment

Aveda’s new botanical repair™ strengthening leave-in treatment has completely sorted my hair out. My hair was feeling (and looking) for want of a better d - frazzled and this product has given back its bounce and shine!


The Jacksons bags

I have one of The Jacksons bags and I love it. They are ethically produced in Bangladesh and no 2 bags are the same. It's as perfect for taking to the beach as it is to the shops. The hard part is choosing which one to get….


To Live and Die in LA

I do love a true crime podcast and have recently really enjoyed To Live and Die in LA which examines an old missing persons case. I don’t want to give anything away but it's a good one. 


Route One Longboard

Call it a mid-life crisis, call it not caring what people think of you, call it just having fun and rekindling a former love - I have got myself a (leopard print) longboard and I love it. 

If there is anything you fancy giving a go - this is your sign to do it!


Twinn necklace

Half pearl, half chain with a statement smile in it - I love this necklace from Twinn a very cool shop in Coal Drops Yard who specializes in stocking interesting, independent LA brands.


The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett


The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett is amazing! It's about twin sisters and their completely different lives, identities and hurdles. It taps into everything from their racial identities, family relationships and the shape of their lives. It's brilliant and well deserving (in my opinion) of all the awards it has won so far.