I am busy. Busy with work and busy with life! So i am always looking for easy tips that can save me time - especially in the 'getting ready' department.

I am no hair care expert so i asked my amazing hairdressers Myla & Davis for some top time saving hair care tips for busy mums: 

  1. New mums don't get much time to themselves, so dry shampoo or hair powder is your best friend! We love Dry Spun Finish and Pret a Powder by Bumble and bumble, also coloured dry shampoos, which help to cover roots.

  2. Always shampoo the hair twice, once to remove oil and the second to treat the hair, this will help if you don't get chance to shampoo your hair as often as you'd like to!

  3. Bumble and bumble have recently introduced a product called 'Don't Blow It' that can be applied to hair whilst damp and left to air dry. Simply wash as normal then scrunch a little product into the hair creating a tousled, textured look without the hassle of heat tools and brushes.

  4. If you do get the chance to blast your hair dry, section the hair and twist and pin into buns on either side of the head. Apply heat then let the hair cool (feed, dress the kids) then unpin and shake the hair out. Finish with a drop of Invisible Oil (if ends are dry/frizzy) or Surf Spray for a grungier feel.

  5. You could also try braiding longer hair at night, with one each side of the head in a tight plait. In the morning you will have a soft wave adding some texture to the hair, again use a finishing product to give a polished look.

  6. Ombré/balayage styles are great for colour, very low maintenance as the roots grow out without a band or 'line' allowing you to leave your colour for six months if need be. Think Alexa Chung but without the effort!




Myla & Davis have Baby Days - where you can go and get your hair done while someone looks after your baby - it's genius!