We have recently completed a back bedroom extension on our house. We built out over our kitchen’s flat roof to make our box bedroom bigger and am so pleased we did it. The room has gone from a fairly unusable one to a light, bright airy room that we use as a spare room, nursery and office.

The room has double doors that open up onto a roof terrace and it is south facing, in the summer it gets very bright and light so we needed some very reliable and efficient curtain solution.

Stitched created our perfect curtains - we went for a dark purple colour to match the pale grey of the room and the yellow detailing in the furniture. The fabric is thick, they have black out linings and the quality is amazing.

Stitched allows you to design your own curtains or blinds using a very clever, but super easy to use technology. It gives you the ability to see exactly what they will look like once they are made, and for you to decide what colour and type of fabrics to use.

Most of the fabrics they use are eco certified and they are made in the UK.

Here is some more information about this innovative company - that I would 100% recommend to anyone.


DATE IT WAS FOUNDED: October 2017 (our first birthday is coming up!!)

BY WHOM IT WAS FOUNDED: Elinor Pitt and Will Verrill

WHY WAS IT CREATED: The curtain and blind industry is old-fashioned and outdated, decorating your home should be fun! We wanted to create an Earth-friendly, fun way to de-mystify a seemingly ordinary product. Everyone's got windows!

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR COMPANY: Over 80% of our fabrics are milled here in the UK (which is very rare in interiors!) We hand-picked 7 of our favourite eco-friendly fabrics, available in 100+ colours - from bare to bold and everything in between. All of our curtains and blinds are stitched in our UK workshops, all made to measure, unique to your window. Stitched is only a year old but growing really fast  - we have big ambitions for the future!

WHAT PRODUCT ARE YOU MOST PROUD OF / WHAT SHOULD WE ORDER FROM YOU? We are proud of all of our products, we've worked really hard to find fabrics that are Earth-friendly and look great in any home, from traditional to modern, classic to industrial - we've got fabrics to suit any style. One of our fabrics, in particular, is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, which has proved to be a popular choice since Blue Planet's focus on ocean plastics earlier this year. Take a look at our fabrics here!