I have recently returned from an Adventure Yogi Detox Weekend and I loved it. I've never done anything like it before and had no idea what to expect, but I knew I fancied a bit of time away from my busy life, to reconnect with me, get some rest, eat good food and generally relax and reset - and for that, it was perfect.

The retreat I went on was held in a beautiful converted barn in East Sussex with the most amazing views over rolling hills and english countryside.

I arrived on the Friday afternoon and met the other guests (there were about 12 of us altogether). Then that evening we had our first Yoga session, which was followed by the most delicious healthy dinner.

The following morning we went for a silent walk - I wasn't looking forward to this as i'm not the silent type but I actually really enjoyed it. It was really calming and I found I was more engaged with what was around me. From the walk we went to Yoga and from there breakfast.

The food was so delicious - before going I was worried that i'd feel hungry or crave things like coffee and sugar but the meals and healthy snacks were so satisfying and more than enough to keep me full throughout the day.

After breakfast we went for a swim in the outdoor heated pool which was so lovely, especially as the sun was out.

We then had a cooking lesson from the extremely talented, lovely and knowledgeable chef Laura - she taught us how to make among other things herb pestos and nut milks. She was also able to answer any questions we had about our diets, food choices and eating habits which I found really helpful.

We had some time to relax in the afternoon before we headed to our evening yoga session - which tended to be more restorative and relaxing than the morning session. After that we had dinner and to bed - where I slept better than I had done in ages.

The following day was a similar schedule but we went for a lovely long walk around a local lake. When we got back I had a massage and enjoyed being in countryside.

I loved this weekend, being a busy working mum there are not many things better that being able to have some peaceful me time - with no distractions, to do lists, or people wanting something from you.

Adventure Yogi do holiday all over the world that cater for all different fitness levels and standards and interests. A full timetable can be found here. The weekend I went on was called 3 Day Detox Yoga and it was in East Sussex.

If you book a retreat using this link you will get a free 30 minute massage worth £38. 


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