Everyone knows going to the dentist is important but it is often something that is put off or forgotten about. We are surrounded by messages encouraging us to eat well, be healthy and stay fit but no one really emphasises the importance of looking after our teeth.

A few weeks ago I took my son to the dentist, he is 4 (and a half) years old, it was his second time to the dentist and he loved it! I don't mind going to the dentist (that much) but I know a lot of people are terrified of it. And it is a fear that we, as parents could easily project onto our children and the fear of the dentist cycle will continue.

My son and I visited Dawood and Tanner  in London and it was great - Dr Saul the dentist made my son (and me) feel really relaxed - he explained exactly what he was going to do, he let my son press the buttons on the chair and look into his own mouth using a special little mirror. He managed to make the whole process fun, interesting and a positive, enjoyable experience.

Since our appointment my son is much more conscientious with his teeth brushing and my daughter after hearing about her brother going is now desperate to go and have her own appointment.  

So the moral of this blog post is to take your kids (and you) to the dentist more often, it is something that they will thank you for later on in life.

If you are looking for an excellent dentist then we can highly recommend Dawood and Tanner (and ask for Dr Saul).