• The name "tulip" originates from the Turkish language, where this plant represents national flower. Tulip in Turkish means "turbin" because this flower has the similar shape like unique-looking Turkish hat
  • Even though certain parts of tulips are toxic, petals have been used as food during the Second World War.


When you are a parent I'd say it is safe to assume that you go out less at night than you did pre-kids (based on my experience anyway). So when you do make it out you want it to be good and you want to make the most of it.

With Valentine's Day fast approaching my husband and I decided to go out on a 'date night' where we went for dinner together then on to the theater to see Aladdin The Musical and it was brilliant.

Disney's Aladdin has been on in London for just under a year and I don't know how you could not like it. It is full of energy, music and sparkly things and I left feeling full of joy!

The singing, choreography and music is fantastic and I watched a few grown men (including my husband) bopping in their seats. Every single one of the cast is incredibly talented and one thing I didn't expect was that the script is very funny, there are so many good one-liners in it - the Genie especially is brilliant.

The set is incredible and changes continuously. We were lucky enough to have a backstage tour after the show and I was amazed to see the complexities and mechanics of it all. We found out how they created some of the illusions and special effects (that I will not ruin for you) and saw the areas where the cast have to change in seconds. There is so much that goes on backstage with about 100 people working there every performance.

Being a colourful fashion (and fancy dress) lover I really, really enjoyed the costumes. There are over 350 of them and the attention to detail and craftsmanship on them all is incredible. There are also so many different hats, turbans and headdresses in every scene and despite all the energetic movement they all manage to stay on the actor's heads!

The Prince Edward Theatre is in the centre of Soho so we went for a pre-theatre dinner on Old Compton Street.  It felt pretty liberating to be out-out and kid-free for the evening.

Both my husband and I really enjoyed ourselves and loved the nostalgic element of watching the classic Aladdin Disney story that we grew up with as grown ups - it was a whole new world and an excellent Valentine's Day date night.

This post created in assosiation Disney - but when they offered it to me I jumped at the chance because it is something I genuinely wanted to see and do. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.




FLOWER FACTS: The Chrysanthemum


  • The Chrysanthemum flower symbolizes fidelity, optimism, joy and long life
  • The name Chrysanthemum comes from the Greek word 'Chrys' meaning golden (the color of the original flowers), and 'anthemon', meaning flower.

*facts & photo from @flowerbx who delivered the most stunning white roses ever today. 


Cala Lillies

  • Though called a lily, Calla lilies are not really lilies.
  • The word Calla comes from the Greek term for beautiful.
  • The Calla lily roots are poisonous.


The Step Up Club's mission is to empower and engage women in conversations around their careers and provide invaluable advice on how you can achieve your own personal career success.

The Step Up Club host events, consults with brands and businesses, sends incredibly useful and informative fortnightly newsletters (sign up here) and they have recently launched a book.

I have been fortunate to meet the founders Alice and Phanella a few times and absolutely love what they do. They exude a confidence and complete belief and knowledge in what they are doing and so they should - plus they always have such great outfits on too! I would highly recommend reading their book and if you can to attend one of their events.

Here is some more info from these excellent ladies: 



BY WHOM IT WAS FOUNDED: Alice Olins, Fashion Features Director at Red Magazine and Phanella Mayall Fine, an executive career coach.

WHY WAS IT CREATED: Because we want to take the conversation around careers out of the boardroom and engage all women. Whatever your job or profession, Step Up celebrates what your career and helps you find your own brand of success. We want to make the chat around women's careers as glossy and widespread as the ones around wellness, fashion and food.

Alice and Phanella sit at opposite ends of the creative/corporate career spectrum and this makes Step Up unique. We inspire and support other women through our monthly events (that we make sure are always in stylish locations - no need for flip charts when Step Up is involved!) and our recently published book, Step Up: Confidence, Success and your Stellar Career in 10 Minutes a Day (Random House).  It’s a new style career manual that blends practical, well-founded advice with our unique 10 minute career workouts, plus the stories of so many amazing and successful women, from Bobbi Brown, via Kirsty Young to Melissa and Jasmine Hemsley, Yvette Cooper MP and the late Zaha Hadid.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: That it's youthful, fun, stylish, supportive and modern. Oh, and ridiculously helpful too. We know that one size really does not fit all when it comes to careers. We work with brands such as Kikki.K, Karen Millen, D&D restaurants, Desmond and Dempsey, Belvedere vodka and the Hoxton hotel group to help spread the Step Up message.

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: Our Book! Plus, we want as many women as possible to sign up to our free newsletter for fortnightly career advice (and some fashion tips!), plus first dibs on tickets to our events that combine brilliant female speakers with our trademark 10 Minute Career Workouts.


I have needed a dressing table for so long now and finally I am in a position to buy one - but now I can't find one. I am open to secondhand, vintage (love mid-century) or new - but whatever it is i'm hoping I will know it when I see it.

I love getting ready to go out - I find doing my makeup (and clothes) really fun so for me this is an important purchase!

Here are a few on my shortlist:

Habitat Β£200 (was Β£250) / Habitat PEROUSE Β£450

The one I think I like the most is the small Habitat one. I haven't got the biggest bedroom either so I think this could be the one, plus it is in the sale and the stool is included. 


S'Well are a brand on a mission to rid the world of plastic bottles - which is a good mission to be on.

I was recently given a S'Well (great present) and I love it so much I thought i'd tell you about it. It is just a simple metal, aesthetically pleasing, well designed bottle that keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 but i'm sure I drink more water because of it.

S'Well are a socially concious company and are working towards bettering our environment and communities around the world.