DRESS LIKE A MUM  is a campaign to change the bad reputation of dressing like a mum.  Somewhere at some point dressing like a mum and looking mumsey became a bad thing.

I often get told 'you don't look/dress like a mum' but why? what are we supposed to look like?  Retailers seem to have assumed that while we are pregnant and breastfeeding we will not be fashionable, go anywhere or be interested in clothes.... again i'm not sure why.

I hope this project and website will inspire easy to wear outfits, shopping, fashion and make-up tips

I'd love for everymum to join the campaign with #dresslikeamum

I'm Zoë 

I love fun and fashion and this maternity leave i have challenged myself not to loose my love for clothes despite the hectic, relentless, madness of looking after 2 kids.   

I am currently breastfeeding and hope to do so for a year or so, so my outfits have been tested to breast!

If you have any ideas of things you'd like to see or if you would like to work with me please drop me a line.   

I work in fashion and with brands.