When I was a child my mother used to take us to buy our shoes from Clarks. I expect her mother might have taken her to Clarks too because it has been around since 1825 - which is incredible. For any brand or company to be around for that long they must be doing something right and will have amassed a lot of knowledge of how to do it to.

I have always been a fan of Clarks - mainly due to the fact that their shoes are so comfortable and fit so well - they do half sizes and measure width. They are also long lasting, great quality and reliable.

As my feet were to my mum, my kids feet are important to me. They need to grow and develop without being restricted or confined so I always invest in good footwear for them. I look for support but with enough flex so they can run and jump around.

This season Clarks have some great kids shoes - fun, colourful, supportive and cool. 

I have clearly projected my love for metallic shoes onto my daughter with her silver sandals. I like these because they feel secure on her feet, are lightweight, plus they have Air Spring FX technology in the sole which gives them a bit of bounce. 

What I like about my son's shoes is that they are tough - they protect and support his feet but are also sandals. He is an active kid who loves running and riding his bike and i've struggled in the past to get summer shoes that don't wear out so i'm pretty pleased with these.


Magical Fun Inf Girls Sandals £32 / Magical Tor Jnr Boys Sandals £34

This post has been kindly sponsored by Clarks. All thoughts and stories are entirely my own. We have properly tried and tested these shoes with life - not just for this blog post.

Photography by @janelookerphotography