I am a massive fan of H&M - for my whole family (including my husband and sometimes my house). Every time one of my children goes up a clothes size or the seasons change - Autumn is coming (already), it is where I go to get their new clothes and basics, and while i'm there I usually get something for myself.

For me H&M ticks so many boxes - it is colourful and fits well, I like my kids to wear fun, happy, colourful comfortable clothes and this is something H&M does very well.

The clothes are great quality, durable and wash well, plus they do a lot of things in Organic cotton which I've found to be better for sensitive skin.

It is ethically and sustainably produced and as a company H&M have ambitious plans to improve on this year on year, which is something I am starting to look for more in a brand.

And also because it is such great value.

The new Kids Autumn Collection from H&M has so many cool things and they currently have a great Top & Bottom Deal for £6.99 - which is brilliant because you can mix and match any top and bottom within the deal so I can get things for both kids.

The new H&M Kids Autumn Fashion collection is available in store and online from 11th August 2016. This includes the Top & Bottom Deal from just £6.99 (Girls + Boys)

This post is in collaboration with, and kindly sponsored by H&M. All thoughts and views are my own.