Rusks & Rebels is a cool, kids clothes founded by parents Gayle & Matt who were motivated by creating a business that could lead to future employment for people living with learning and developmental difficulties - like their 14 year old son who has a rare chromosome disorder called Williams Syndrome.

The great quality clothes are ethically produced mostly in Tanzania & Pakistan - as well as being able to trace exactly where and how the clothes are made, they can ensure fair methods were used to do it and that money is going back into the area to improve local infrastructure.

The brand specialises in bold graphic prints and offer a personalised service - where the clothes can be customised with a name, initial or message.

I have a lot of respect for this business and Gayle & Matt motivation and for founding it. Rusks & Rebels are about building something for the future that will benefit a lot of people all over the world and it is a great business to support.

Here is some more information about the company, their motivations and what we should buy from them:


DATE IT WAS FOUNDED: The Summer of 2011


WHY WAS IT CREATED: When Rusks & Rebels was born in 2011 we were motivated by the possibility of it leading to future employment for our 14 year old son Dylan, who has a rare chromosome disorder called Williams Syndrome. The Syndrome affects all areas of Dylan's development, he is a 14 year old boy living with the height, weight and educational and emotional development of a 5 or 6 year old. With one hand on a rather large piece of wood however, I am happy to say that all the medical conditions related to the Syndrome have so far past Dylan by, with only a few minor issues. So, his future health looks very positive, however his lack of development promises for an uncertain future in terms of employment.

As Rusks & Rebels has developed from an idea into the brand we have today, our motivation to provide future security and employment for Dylan has evolved into a BIG DREAM to one day be able to offer employment opportunities for not just Dylan but for many adults, young and old, that are living with learning and developmental difficulties.

This is our Ultimate Dream and the reason we come to work every day! We will hopefully in the next 12 months have taken the first steps to employing our first young adult with learning difficulties!

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: At Rusks & Rebels we love the world around us and care immensely for our environment. We are committed to do everything we can to improve, reduce, re-cycle and re-use throughout our company.

We are Ethical! Our clothing manufacturing partner firmly believe in 'TRADE not AID' and they work hard on keeping as much of the manufacturing processes in the local community of cotton growers of Tanzania & Pakistan. This helps retain profitability where it is needed and also means you can be sure of the production quality. Every penny therefore goes back into the surrounding neighbourhood and works towards improving local infrastructure. We love the fact we can trace the source of our merchandise and be 100% sure that the clothing is ethical and based on fair practice!

We pride ourselves on both our customer service and the quality finish of our clothing. We believe our customer service is second to none and we will always make sure our customers are happy. We are very proud to say that the feedback from our customers and returning customer on our customer service over the past 5 years has been very positive and has meant we have created many friendships with our customers, bloggers and other brands in our industry sector.

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: Take your pick! We are immensely proud of our current collection and love every single garment!

Gayle: My favourite item from our current collection has to be our Stripy Long Sleeve Initial T-shirt! I love the contrasting elbow patches and the flock design. My 2 year old has one and looks adorable!!

Matt: Our best seller and still one of my favourite products is our Personalised Baby Hooded Jacket. We have a wide range of design colours to choose from to create a one of a kind garment for your toddlers which makes the perfect keepsake when they grow into the next size!