Papu is a Finnish brand who are passionate about making good quality, practical, fun clothes. The clothes are designed in Finland and are sustainably and responsibly made in Europe from GOTS-certified organic cotton. 

Papu's clothes are designed to last and some have functions that enable them to grow with the child, like double buttons on baby suits and turn-up sleeves and leggings. 

The designs and unisex prints are fun and humorous - they currently have a sausage print and a popcorn print which i love. The kids and adult clothes are comfortable to wear and you can feel that they are great quality as soon as you put them on.

Here is some more info on the brand from the brand:


DATE IT WAS FOUNDED: The first Papu collection was launched autumn 2012. Since that Papu has grown from Anna’s living room corner to a company that now employs 10 people and sells products to USA as well as Europe and Asia. 

BY WHOM IT WAS FOUNDED: Anna Kurkela is the founder and the head designer of Papu. 

The best stories often start accidentally and that is what also happened with Papu. The story began when Papu’s founder and head designer Anna Kurkela had booked an appointment at a brand new eco hair salon. While having her hair done, she noticed cool postcards on display featuring quirky designs of a melancholy little bird. 

“That’s it! I want this artist to work for Papu!” she thought. Anna called Hanna-Riikka Heikkilä, the artist, found her soul-sister and the rest of the story goes on. 

These thirty-something mothers-of-two find their finest inspiration in the everyday. They’re no-nonsense trailblazers and visual storytellers who don’t believe in girls’ and boys’ collections but draw daring designs for the world’s little people. The adult collection was added to compliment the children’s collection following many requests for the items to be available in adult sizes.


”The reason behind the Papu brand was a desire to design lovely, yet practical children’s clothes, but also to manage their production as responsibly as possible. Designing children’s clothes is like a wonderful game, but there are aspects to it you have to take seriously. I want to be able to proudly stand behind everything I do.” (Papu Design Founder, Anna Kurkela)

Papu Design strongly believes that they can help make the world a better place by choosing to act responsibly in their everyday work. 

“Papu is designed with love in Finland - Made with care in the EU”

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: Papu is a young and fast growing children´s wear and lifestyle brand from Finland. 

Positive vibes at Papu comes from the happiness they get from constantly learning and developing ourselves, but also from their warm and encouraging atmosphere –  when the company grows, the people do too!  

PAPU products are praised for their high quality and endurance. They can honestly state that their products will last from the first user to the second and third. The Papu clothes are designed to last and they genuinely grow with the child. Double poppers on baby bodies, sleeves with turn over cuffs and turn-up leggings enable the clothes to be worn longer. 

PAPU is a design brand, but will never put design ahead of usability and comfort. They take pride in making sure that children feel comfortable in their clothes. That is also because they believe the most eco-friendly choice is a product that is being used.


Papu SS16 collection tells a story of a children’s party. Where is my treasure is a tribute to little adventurers and treasure hunters, to their frankness, craziness and adorable ability to let go.

The Kanto tunic has a new interesting hexagon shape and magic pockets and has become one of Papu’s most popular items for mums and daughters.  You will find the dress in seasonal colours and also in print. Papu is part of Nokian Neulomo. Nokian Neulomo was set up to promote responsible textile manufacturing and the clothing industry in Finland. The popular Kanto dress was the first item “Made in Nokia” for Papu.

The long time PAPU favourite and one of the most popular items are the Papu leggings for both children and adults. The leggings are the best quality and distinctive PAPU design and are fun and functional and can be found with knee patches, diagonal stripes, seasonal colours and even golden stitches. This season Papu popcorn and golden sausage print leggings have been a massive hit!