Joost Vandebrug is a Dutch photographer, video director and documentary film director and founder of kids clothing brand Jumping Dog.

For the past 5 years Joost has been documenting the lives of 'The Lost Boys' a group of children who live in tunnels under Bucharest in Romania. Compelled to help these children improve their situation and lives for the better he has founded the CINCI LEI Project which aims to work together with a group of street kids living in Bucharest to create a centre where they can group together and engage in empowering and health promoting activities, such as BMX biking and skateboarding. 100% of the profits from Jumping Dog are going towards funding this project.

Here is some more information on this amazing brand:

NAME OF BRAND/COMPANY: Jumping Dog London ltd. 

DATE IT WAS FOUNDED: Somewhere in 2014, but trading since 15th of February this year


WHY WAS IT CREATED: Jumping Dog was founded with the view that not only will the label create clothes that children want to wear but will help the children who need it.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: Jumping Dog is dedicated to making clothes that children want to put on each morning to take them on an adventure of their creation. The label encourages children who want adventure and excitement in their everyday wear, transforming the most simple of designs into an interactive adventure. Each t-shirt can be changed into an individual art work with each wear, jackets can be made to soar over the horizon in their adventures - each piece is unique to the wearers imagination… 100% of the proceeds from Jumping Dog will fund the Cinci Lei project, helping children in need through each purchase.

The Cinci Lei project is helping a group of kids who live in tunnels underneath the streets of Bucharest. They live in abject poverty and face seemingly insurmountable challenges in their every day lives. Photographer, and founder of Jumping Dog, Joost Vandebrug has intimately and uniquely documented the lives of this group of lost children for over 5 years and set up the ‘CINCI LEI Project’ to help these children change and improve their situation and lives for the better.

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: The wing jacket! It is the transformer of jackets with magical side wings, hidden behind secret zippers! Disguised as a sturdy, warm, water resistant hooded jacket- to keep mum happy.’