Muddy Creatures is a kids clothes delivery service - delivering a large selection of the best quality and well designed kids clothes to your door in one box. You then simply keep what you love and return what you don't. 

I ordered two boxes - one for my 3 year old son and one for my 18 month old daughter. After registering their ages and sizes (via the easy to use website) i selected my preference of what type of clothes i was looking for and what colours i liked.

The next day i received a phone call from Muddy Creatures to check over everything and to see if there was anything else i wanted to mention, or if there was something in particular the kids needed clothes for. We are going skiing next month so i requested a few warmer items of clothes and in particular some polo necks.

Two days later the boxes arrived - they were filled with the some of the coolest clothes i've ever seen. We unpacked the boxes together (which i didn't expect to be so fun as it was) they included everything from socks to jackets, shoes to hats as well as my requested polo necks.

Muddy Creatures specialises in sourcing the hard to find Scandinavian brands and there was a mix of styles from cool casual tracksuits to party dresses - and everything was so nice! 

What struck me the most was the great quality of all of the clothes, they felt soft and i knew that they'd last a long time. The designs and styles are a mixture of classic and cool and included everything from fun animal printed sweatshirts to knitted French style cardigans.

There are many good things about a service/shop like this - it saves a lot of time (something parents are often short of), the kids actually enjoy the experience and get to open the boxes in a relaxed home environment, they can try things on as and when they/you want, plus you get access to loads of different brands all in one box, from one place in one go.

After you have made the selection you send the (now half empty) boxes free of charge back to Muddy Creatures, then you simply pay for what you keep. 

I would 100% recommend this service, it was seamless, easy and enjoyable, the clothes selection is amazing and am already looking forward to our next boxes! 

Here is some more info on how Muddy Creatures started and what you need to know about this excellent new shop:


DATE IT WAS FOUNDED: Muddy Creatures was first registered on the 15th of May 2015 and launched 7th of Jan 2016.

BY WHOM IT WAS FOUNDED: Anja Stavnsbjerg

WHY WAS IT CREATED: Becoming a mum myself in 2014 I was faced with the countless time-consuming ecommerce sites out there, not that there’s anything wrong with them but with the speed of size-gain on such a little fella I slowly started to find it a chore keeping KV’s wardrobe up to date rather than the joyful experience it should be. Finally I was missing access to the numerous scandinavian brands out there as they have a unique focus on quality and comfort which I personally think is key for the little ones.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: We hand-pick children’s wear from (y)our favourite brands and deliver them to your door.

HOW IT WORKS: You sign up at and create a profile for all the children you wish (including approx. height, weight, favourite colours, preferred looks - feel free to do this roughly as we always call to check up everything is fine and dandy). Based on your preferences and follow-up call, we send you a box of joy. Your child can try everything on in the comfort of your home, no need for hectic dressing rooms. You keep what you like and return what you don’t. Needless to say, shipping is free of charge, and you only ever pay for what you keep. We stock many, but not exclusively, Scandinavian brands including: Angulus, FUB, Marmar, Gro, Mini Rodini, Soft Gallery, Tiny Cottons, Mads Nørgaard, Joha, Wheat, Popupshop, Mini a ture and Poppy Rose.

Muddy Creatures means well-dressed kids and un-stressed parents. Happy Days. 

WHAT WE SOULD BUY FROM YOU: Cool, unique and different styles. Muddy Creatures is what you want it to be, we can either be a supplement service for top-up’s in addition to your high street purchases but we also work as a one-stop solution. One of the great advantages of Muddy Creatures is that you receive a box full of delights/brands that you didn’t necessarily know were out there. Given the nature of the service and its 'wrapping’ we’re unable to compete with high street products and prices - however we aim to strike not too far off the radar and strive to offer quality children’s wear at affordable prices.

Instagram: @muddycreatures