Mamma Couture make stunning toys for boys and girls. Their collection includes ride on enchanted creature heads on a stick, beautiful dolls who's clothes you can change, transition toys with a place to attach a pacifier to, crowns and fun soft vegetable toys.

All of the toys are hand made and sewn with love and care and the attention to detail on them is stunning. The doll's faces are hand painted and every month Mamma Couture releases a new dress pattern for them so if you are feeling creative at home you can make your doll a new outfit.

My daughter has one of these dolls and she loves her - she loves changing her clothes and i know that Rita (the name my daughter has given her) will be around for a long time.

The company was founded by Eva who found that after having her children needed a creative outlet to keep her mind strong and focused. Here is what she'd like us to know about her creations:




WHY WAS IT CREATED: After the birth of my second child, I suffered of a mild postpartum depression. Mamma Couture was the project that helped me get back to my old self. I love being a mum and I love my children, but in this role I felt trapped and I needed a way to channel my creativity, so I started making dolls and soft toys.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND Mamma Couture wants to promote creative and imaginative play. Each doll is designed to become the companion of wonderful childhood adventures and to carry these memories into adulthood.

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: I have a special love for my Miss Lemons, each one is one of a kind and they come with many different outfits, also for the sewing bees out there, every month I release for free a new pattern so that one can make their wardrobe for their Miss Lemon (some of the pattern are so easy that it could be a opportunity to teach a bit sewing to the little one).

The Enchanted Creatures are a collaboration between illustrator Laura Doff and Mamma Couture. I really wanted to make hobby horses for my kids and I thought about this project for quite some time but I never managed to have the right vision for it. Then inspired by Laura Doff's illustrations I finally knew what I wanted. That is how this collaboration really started. Together we decided which animals we wanted to create and a Dragon, Horse and Unicorn seemed to be a good combination. It was important for me that the Enchanted Creatures were part of a story so, my sister in law invented the story that narrated the dream of the horse, who wanted to be a Dragon and thanks to the Moon was then changed into an Unicorn. Laura made some sketches (which were absolutely stunning) and from the sketches I made the pattern, she then finalised the illustration directly on the pattern pieces. Her trait is so fine and delicate yet strong! I love that. The Unicorn is majestic, the Horse is a warrior and the Dragon is fantastic, we both wanted to stay away from the easy cheesy version that can be found in commerce and we wanted to keep them almost monochromatic. 

Instagram: @mammacouture

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