Scamp & Dude was founded by mother of two Jo - who after having to spend time away from her children in hospital was inspired to change career and set up the brand.

Scamp & Dude clothes are fun, colourful and cool, plus they are great quality and wash well (which makes me happy). The whole brand is positioned really well and I love it's attention to detail - such as the super power enhancing lightning bolts on the sleeves of all clothes and the secret pocket in the comforters to keep a photo or special object of a missing loved one.

My kids and I all have the leopard print jumpers and love them - in fact their jumpers get the most request for wearing out of all their clothes!

Here is some more information from Jo on what her inspiration was behind launhing the brand and what we need to know about it:


DATE IT WAS FOUNDED: Launched 19th Nov 2016 (Founded the company in Feb 2016)

BY WHOM IT WAS FOUNDED: Jo Tutchener-Sharp

WHY WAS IT CREATED: I had to spend a long spell in hospital recovering from brain surgery and found it so hard being away from my kids. I hated being apart but worried so much about how they were feeling without me, which inspired me to create a brand that makes children feel more secure when apart from their loved ones. Separation anxiety can be really tough for kids.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: Our slogan is 'a superhero has my back' which is written on the back of the plain sweatshirts and tops and runs along the inner neckline of all garments in the collection reminding kids that a Superhero is watching over them at all times. The range consists of a collection of sweatshirts, leggings and t-shirts which are all Superhero inspired, some feature our special super charged leopard print (it has little lightning bolts amongst the leopard print) and others our super cure little Superheroes including Super Dino and Super Bunny. All come with an embroidered neon pink lightning bolt on the sleeve which gives kids a burst of Superpower when they need it most. There are also some special Superhero comforters to make kids feel safe and protected, the Superhero Sleep Buddies are either a bunny or dino shaped cushion comforter to sit on the child's bed. They have a special pocket at the back to hold a photograph of someone they want to keep close. We are donating one for every one sold to vulnerable children including patients at the largest Children's hospital in London and via two amazing charities, Grief Encounter and Don't Forget the Kids who work with children who have either lost a parent or are struggling with a parent with cancer.

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: The best sellers have been the Super Soft Sweatshirt in Navy Leopard featuring Super Dino, the Super Soft Sweatshirt Coral featuring Super Bunny and the two Super Soft Sweatshirts in Coral and Green Leopard. The Women's Sweatshirts sold out in some sizes in less than a week! More arriving next week. The Kiss Catching Wall Stickers are very cute, you can smother them in kisses if you have to go on a business trip and your child can collect them when they miss you. The leopard and bolt print Swag Bags are also pretty great (if i do say so myself!) they were created for housing all of the kids crap that ends up living in the bottom of your handbag. Random cars, bars, raisins, packs of cards basically whatever you carry with you to entertain them on the move. So your handbag stays clutter free and you don't end up pulling a pen out of your bag mid meeting to find it is covered in squashed raising. It also makes a great compact change bag as fits a pack of wipes and a handful of nappies. I use mine as a cosmetic bag though. It is a multi use zip bag basically!

Available at Liberty and @scampanddude