Founded by two sisters E&E Kids Vintage is an Instashop - which means they post the items that are for sale and their price directly up on the E&E Instagram feed, then if you are interested you email them and arrange your purchase.

They source their vintage kids clothes, shoes and accessories from all over the place and specialise in (among other things) dungarees, cool kids jackets and sportswear.

Here is some more info from the sister team who have founded this shop and what we should buy from them:


DATE IT WAS FOUNDED: November 2015

BY WHOM IT WAS FOUNDED: Two sisters Hannah and Chloe Moor

WHY WAS IT CREATED: We are both keen shoppers and love buying cool and unique kids clothes so we have some very well dressed little ones running around!! After being asked so many times where Hannah's kids got their clothes from we decided that we should put our passion and eye for unique items into a business to provide a one stop shop for amazing kids clothes at extremely affordable prices!!!

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: We are an Instashop @eandekidsvintage we search and haul from all sorts of places to provide you with the best and most affordable kids vintage clothing, one off and unique items for kids that like to stand out from the crowd.

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: Great vintage finds, one-off and unique items for kids!!! Mainly dungarees, denim jackets, vintage sweatshirts, vintage sportswear, doc martens, faux fur and come summer some amazing vintage swimwear!!

Instagram: @eandekidsvintage