I thought i'd do a quick post on my Mountain Buggy Duet as it is great! There is 2 years age difference between my kids and this buggy has been perfect for them.  I got it when my youngest was about 6 months and both kids (and me) love it - i think it is the most useful thing i own at the moment.

(Please ignore the toddler in this photo who is not strapped in and who is about to have a tantrum)

This buggy is good because its fits through doorways, the kids love sitting side by side, its got a large basket under the seats, it folds up small enough to go in the back of our car (Skoda Fabia), its pretty nifty/ corners well for a double buggy and best of all you can push it one handed - which is something i find myself doing a lot.

Mountain Buggy was set up by a dad in New Zealand in 1992 - who needed a buggy so that he could take his baby on the New Zealand mountain trails and the company has grown from there.

They have loads of really great products - including the Freerider a scooter that is also a buggy board, a fold up high chair that fixes to the table called the Pod high chair and the Juno baby carrier which i also have and love.

I also have my eye on a couple of the single buggies - the cool and compact Swift and the Nano that folds up into the size of aeroplane hand luggage with one hand!