Marjorie Minnie create stunning custom made, personalised baby blankets from super soft fine spun Scottish Lambswool. You can personalise them with your child's name or favourite toys, pattern, colours - each blanket is totally unique to the person it belongs too.  

Here is what Gabrielle - an experienced machine knitter and Textiles Technician wants us to know about her brand:


DATE IT WAS FOUNDED: September 2015

BY WHOM IT WAS FOUNDED: Gabrielle Durnford

WHY WAS IT CREATED: The idea behind Marjorie Minnie began when my twins were born in 2012. My intention was to make a useful and unique keepsake, a special gift from me to them. I am a machine knitter and a Textiles Technician at Bath School of Art & Design, so the concept of designing blankets appealed to my specialism. Being a busy mum with two newborns meant that working on my ideas was slow progress. It wasn’t until my twins were a little older that I had more time to develop the concept (this period of time also coincided with two small people voicing opinions on my work), and so it became a family collaboration of ideas (or more that I was not prepared to argue with 2 toddlers). The result was that Sonny & Lilou finally had their custom blankets, personalised with their names and themed from their favourite toys. They are now almost 4, still love bunnies and robots, and still love their blankets.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: Marjorie Minnie is all about tonal colour, imagery and producing high quality products that are unique to you! Personalise your blanket with baby’s name or choose a creative caption to announce the arrival of your little individual. All blankets are handmade to order from fine spun Scottish Lambswool for a natural, super soft finish and are 100% designed and made in the UK.

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: A blanket! Choose from traditional designs for a classic nursery, or select from the more contemporary range. If you have something different in mind then click the Custom Order button to have something designed just for you. I love a challenge!

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