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I love a summer smock dress, its such a useful thing to have on holiday.  If you are pregnant this can be a great style of dress to invest in as it works well with a bump (with leggings if its to short), then its super comfortable to wear afterwards.

I recently got this one from ASOS its really light weight and cool (temperature and looking). 

Here are some alternatives:

Little White Lies £95 / ASOS £25 / Jovonna £55 / Zara £35.99 


I was recently in a large sports shop and asked the shop assistant where about the trainers were, she asked me what type of trainers I was looking for - running? aerobics? cross trainers?  I replied - fashion?

I'm pretty happy that trainers with everything is in fashion at the moment.  I'm a big love of trainers (with everything).  

At the moment i like white ones like these.

Adidas Honey Lo £50 / Stan Smith £75 / Nike Air Force 1s £70 / Reebok £55