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I have been wondering for a long time now, why no one has considered that pregnant and nursing mums want to have beautiful, comfortable, sexy, practical and stylish underwear. 

Maternity and Nursing underwear feels like such an after thought for so many high street brands and as a result they have got it so wrong. Which is why it is great to see a company who is investing in research in this sector, who are really understanding what it means to be the woman wearing this underwear and therefore catering for it perfectly.

I am so happy to have discovered this brand.  The underwear is stunning and super comfortable (wearing it now) it's clever and innovative and I will be wearing my bra long after i finish breastfeeding. 

Here is what the founder Jules wants to tell us about Amoralia.


DATE IT WAS FOUNDED: February 2005

BY WHOM IT WAS FOUNDED: Jules Canterbury. I live in London with my husband Rich, and our 3 year old son, Sacha.

WHY WAS IT CREATED: Ten years ago, whilst working as a planner at one of London’s top ad agencies, I was working on a brief (no pun intended!) for a lingerie client and spotted a gap in the market. My pregnant sister, colleagues and friends, were all desperate for something beautiful, that made them feel special. I had what I felt were some really strong ideas and opinions and so Amoralia was born! At the time, I hadn’t had kids myself, but I did know that the right underwear could instantly change my perception of myself and help me feel more feminine and better, so why would pregnant women not want to feel the same?

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: We offer the most stylish, comfortable and best quality maternity and nursing lingerie on the market. We want pregnant and nursing women to look and feel beautiful, but understand just how crucial comfort is at this special time. From sexy sets to snuggly sleep bras, we offer a wide range of practical and stylish pieces for women of all shapes and sizes, catered both to during pregnancy and throughout nursing. A huge proportion of our time is spent researching, testing, tweaking and improving to ensure what we create is the best garment out there. Our ethos? Beautiful lingerie for beautiful mums.


  • Our new Allure is the first ever nursing bra on the market to have a removable flexi-wire! This means mums can have support when they need it, but take it out when tender, for peace of mind in the early stages of breast-feeding.

  • Our Seamless Sleep bra is softer than your baby’s bottom. With easy lift up nursing access it’s a great help to tackle the4am nightfeeds, but is still provides enough support to wear in the day.

  • Our Second Skin organic bra a simply cut, modern nursing staple. Every piece from this range is produced with organic cotton and eco-friendly dyes to respect not only mums’ skin, but also the environment. The cotton sits softly again sensitive skin and is breathable too – bye-bye hot flushes…

  • Our Nursing Tunic doesn’t look anything like the usual plain-Jane maternity or nursing nightwear. The marl fabric is luxuriously soft and is not only on trend but practical too. It’s ruched sides cocoon a growing bump or new-mum-tum comfortably, with quick and discreet nursing access zips. Plus the design means it can be teamed with our PJ leggings at night AND with jeans for a super easy day-time look.


I have breastfeed both of my children and have always struggled to understand why so many nursing bras are unattractive, unsexy and boring.  Out of all the bras that i have ever owned and worn my nursing bras have been the bras that i have come in to contact with the most throughout the day, they have been flashed and seen the most (by people who would never usually see my bra!), they have had to be the most comfortable and accommodating for changing breast sizes and support, they have been washed the most and they have had to match many different outfits. 

It is therefore so important to get a good one, that you love and that you won't mind exposing - because you will at some point expose it!

Mimi Holiday make some of the most beautiful underwear in the world.  Their underwear is definitely worth showing off and they even make a feature of their bra straps - another thing that is often exposed but in which the design is overlooked. Due to Damaris - the founder, designer and owner's first hand experience breastfeeding her daughter, Mimi Holiday also make stunning nursing bras.  They are one of the first brands in this sector to realise that regardless of breastfeeding women still want beautiful underwear to wear.  

Their nursing bras as well as being beautiful are also innovative with a lace panel that fits across your chest, they are pure silk satin and the clasp is heart shaped and gold.  Sizing can also be confusing when buying nursing bras as you never really stay the same back or cup size during the time you are breastfeeding and often your breasts are different sizes to one another. Mimi Holiday offer 4 sizes (S,M,L and XL) and extra long bra-extenders so the bra grows (and shrinks) with you and the elasticated back band offers great support to.

Here is some more information about their nursing range and the inspiration behind the collection:


DATE IT WAS FOUNDED: 2003 (Maternity bras 2013)


WHY WAS IT CREATED: Created as a result of the designer’s own pregnancy, the Mimi Holliday Maternity range is an extension of lingerie brainchild Damaris Evan’s commitment to innovation, in a landscape that is frequently believed to have establishes rules. She says of the range, ‘ There is no good reason for maternity wear to be simply utilitarian. Nursing is a special, special time. Everything should be beautiful. But everything must work.’

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: The Maternity Bra features a design completely unique to Mimi Holliday; a trademarked ‘Discrete Panel’ across the bust, which allows nursing mothers a comfortable and practical level of discretion. Easy to open chic gold heart clasps maintain the bra’s luxurious aesthetic.

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: Beautiful silk Maternity Bras and our fabulous lace Shoulder Bras for a cheeky peek of our delicate lace underneath scooped neck tee’s.

As soon as i stop breastfeeding i am going to reward myself with one of these: