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Shepherds London is a new company who distribute Japanese traditional agricultural trousers called Monpe. The Monpe trousers (also known as Japanese Jeans) are ethically and sustainably handmade in Japan and will last for life.

One of the reasons the founder, Sonoko has started to distribute Monpe trousers in the UK is to support the traditional industry - which after 120 years of it's history is dying and she wants and knows it's important to protect and sustain it for future generations.

The trousers are very easy to wear and are very comfortable. They are made from an top quality natural cotton fibre produced only in Fukuoka Japan so wear well and get softer with age. 

Here is some more information from Sonoko:


DATE IT WAS FOUNDED: February 2016

BY WHOM IT WAS FOUNDED: Sonoko Obuchi (Stage set designer in London, mum of two)

WHY WAS IT CREATED: To introduce Monpe Japanese traditional agricultural trousers to the UK.  Monpe trousers are unisex, and come in Small, Medium and Large sizes.  They are known in Japan as Japanese jeans due to their design and toughness.  I was born deep in the countryside of Fukuoka prefecture where the Monpe trousers have been produced for centuries using fine Kurume Kasuri fabric since the 18th century.  Today there are about 30 traditional workshops creating Kurume Kasuri Monpe.  I have been a fan of Monpe trousers myself since I was a child and I want this amazing folk wear, culture and the craftsmanship to thrive for the future generations.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: Shepherds London is the exclusive provider of Kurume Kasuri Monpe trousers in the UK.  Monpe trousers are made of highest quality natural cotton fibre produced only in Fukuoka prefecture, Japan.  Tied, dyed, weaved with love by Japanese artisans, 100% made in Japan.  Once you own a pair of Monpe, you will want to wear them for life, and pass them on to the next generation.  I have passed on the Monpe I wore as a child to my two children who now enjoy wearing their Monpe trousers in London.  Monpe are also great as maternity wear.  The elasticated waist allow for stretching right through the final trimester with comfort.  This is ethical and sustainable fashion.  

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: Monpe trousers.  I am so happy that I am able to introduce this ace product in the UK.  When you wear and wash Monpe regularly, it gets softer and softer.  You can move freely and feel ever more comfortable as they wear in.  The comfort of wearing Monpe is addictive once you experience it.  You can nurture our Monpe in your everyday life.  You will fall in love with them, just like your favourite personalised jeans.


I wear jeans a lot - they are easy, cool, comfortable and practical plus i love denim.

I wear black spotted ones for work with a buttoned up shirt and loafers, i have 'mom' jeans which have allowed me to wear shorter tops than i would have with my skinnies and i also have ripped ones for when i want to look cool!

In the past i have had moments of  'i'm bored of wearing jeans' but once you look at the options within jeans you realise that now more than ever there so many different shapes, colours, patterns and different style jeans around.

I wear skinny jeans a lot, mainly because i have a lot of them and they are easy (currently i'm wearing mine with ankle boots) but apparently they are on the way out of fashion (even though they have been around for 15 years) plus i'm ready for a change so i'm going to start embracing other styles.

The majority of my jeans come from TOPSHOP and that's because i think they do the best on the high street. But I also have a pair of black GOK for Tu Sainsburys's ones which i love and a pair of ripped GAP Girlfriend ones too. 

TOPSHOP have recently launched their MEET YOUR JEANS campaign - where they clearly explain what the characteristics are of each design. They currently have 245 different styles and have increased their Tall, Petit and Maternity range so there really is something for everyone/ shape.

The best way to choose a style that suits you is to try them on - the most important thing is that you like them and feel good in them. And don't assume a style won't suit you and embrace a statement jean - why not?

TOPSHOP ones i have include: The Jamie - these are good because they come up higher on the waist than the Baxter, have more stretch in them and are therefore really comfortable. They are not so good if you don't like tight fitting jeans.

The Mom jean - these are cool because they aren't too tight, and come up higher on the waist and are surprisingly flattering.

TOPSHOP have SO many in at the moment like these:

Indigo Stripe Chino Jeans £45 / Stripe Hem Hayden Jeans £46/ Embroidered Straight Jeans £45 / Indigo Cropped Flared Jeans £36

Then there are many many versions of the above - ripped, patterned, cropped.... Also there isn't one particular style that is overtaking them all.

So basically jeans are (still) in, but what colour and style is entirely up to you. If you like them - wear them! 


I'm not sure if it's something to do with getting older and more responsible or because of having kids or because there is so much taking from the planet and world and not enough giving back but ethics and sustainability has become more and more important to me recently.

People Tree has one of the best the most positive, productive brand ethos's ever.  They were one of the first brands (over twenty years ago) to pioneer Fair Trade and environmentally sustainable fashion, partnering with Fair Trade artisans and farmers in the developing world to produce ethical and eco fashion.  By creating access to markets and opportunities for people who live in the developing world they created a new way of doing business.  They produce, manufacture, ship and design clothes how all clothes should be but more than often are not.

To celebrate my awesome new Simeon Farrar graffiti dress i thought i'd do a post on People Tree - if its not a brand you know check it out.

Their clothes are always great quality and as well as their core collection they do some super cool collaborations with people such as Zandra Rhodes, Orla Kiely, Bip Ling and Atelier.  Loads of their clothes would be great to get if you are pregnant and will then last to when you are not.

Here are a few of my current favourites: 


I LOVE a Sale - i actually buy the majority of my clothes in the sale and on sale sites.  Here are a few of my sale shopping tips that i practice at least 4 times a year!

  • Make sure you LOVE what you buy - a good test is to think about if you would pay full price for it (although a bargain is also very tempting and can obviously make you like something more). 
  • If you see something in the sale you love - get it, you can always send it back but it will sell out of you don't buy it now!  
  • Think ahead - buy pieces that i know will stay fashionable for a long time or are classics that will see you through a few more seasons.  I recently bought a winter jumper that i'll keep until its cold and have an amazing smart black dress (£15 from £70) with the tags still on that i plan to wear to an event and the end of the summer.  
  • I do most of my clothes shops online and i particularly like Sale shopping online as you don't have to deal with the mess and carnage of the shop floor.  Use the filters eg. shop by size.
  • If there is something you love but its not available in your size keep checking back as sometimes things get sent back and become available again.
  • Always buy the correct size - from experience if its to small/big it bugs me and i don't wear it as much.
  • Keep a look out for things that are usually expensive eg. swimming costumes, coats, leather bags etc. - you'll always need them and when they are are half price they are much more appealing. 

TOPSHOP Denim Smock Dress WAS £45 NOW £15 / TOPSHOP Dungarees WAS £48 NOW £15 / Zara WAS £80 NOW £50 

COS WAS £55 NOW £38 / COS WAS £79 NOW £39 / & Other Stories WAS £45 NOW £13


Do not be afraid to try a jumpsuit!  They are such an easy outfit - trousers and top in one.  They are flattering, easy to breastfeed in, you can get smart ones, casual ones, beach ones, cropped ones, tight ones, summer ones, winter ones, patterned ones, plain ones, loose ones, cheap ones, expensive ones, statement ones, subtle ones - what i am saying is you can get pretty much get ones for all shapes and occasions.

There are so many different styles around at the moment - get jumping!

ISSA (from The Outnet) was £695 now £313 / Topshop £32 / H&M £49.99 / T-Bags £90 / A Day In A Life £290 / People Tree £78


I haven't worn flares for a while, i remember wearing them at uni and i remember the backs of them always being really frayed and thinking that was cool.  I don't think thats cool anymore but i think i think that flares could be.

I recently purchased these from H&M - i like them because i won't have to wear heels with them (something that i very rarely wear), the high waist is flattering on my not very flat belly and because they are not skinny jeans - which i am still wearing but am pretty bored of.

Here are some other wider legged style flared jeans that if i was building a collection i might add to it.

Topshop £40 / Stella McCartney (dream) £255 / MiH Jeans (LOVE everything about this brand) £185 / Mango £40 / H&M (same as mine) £25 / Zara £60


I wore culottes today and loved them!  Super easy to wear, fun and flattering. 

Wear them with trainers, tights, no tights, sandals, heels, flats, casually, formally etc.... 

Zara £30 / Whistles £140 / Atterley Road £38 / House of Holland £340 / MiH Jeans £165 / TIBI £1,045 / Topshop £40 / Vero Moda sale £20 / Commes des Garcons £260 / Topshop £45