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Nobody's Child is a new London based brand with a belief in and commitment to fashion being ethically produced but at the same time competitively priced.

Nobody's Child was created from a partnership between two independent family businesses, one specialising in textiles and the other in manufacturing. Nobody's Child are unique in the fact that they have complete control over their entire manufacturing process which enables them to claim such high ethical practices not usually associated with lower price points.

Here is some more info on this exciting new brand:

NAME OF BRAND: Nobody's Child

DATE IT WAS FOUNDED:  Launched in October 2015 (but it’s taken us decades to get here).

BY WHOM IT WAS FOUNDED: The concept came about when two independent family businesses, one specialising in textiles, the other in manufacturing (but both having supplied many of the UK’s leading fashion retailers) decided to join forces.

WHY WAS IT CREATED: As much as we love fast fashion, and the immediacy and affordability of it, for it to continue, it needs to change. So that’s what we’ve set out to do: deliver the most on-trend pieces at the lowest possible prices - without sacrificing quality or compromising our ethical standards.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: Nobody’s Child is a London-based clothing brand with a very simple belief: that fast fashion doesn’t necessarily have to mean low quality or questionable manufacturing standards. Fashion has never been faster, and so today’s generation have come to expect on-trend pieces at rock bottom prices. 

Nobody's Child is a completely integrated enterprise. From the weaving of the fabrics to the delivery of the finished garment, we either own or have complete control over the entire manufacturing process. We knit and dye fabrics in our own facilities, we produce garments in our own factories and we distribute through our own fulfilment distribution centre, all of which are ethically managed and employed with our own staff.

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: Nobody's Child gives you high quality fashion, ethically manufactured fashion, that is competitively priced fashion - so if you agree with this you should buy everything!


Labour of Love was originally a (physical) shop in a cool and then (2004) up and coming part of London. It gained a cult status due to it's unusual interior, window displays and collection of hard to find British designers.

Now the brand has evolved into an online destination where you'll find their core collection of well cut, classic designs, carefully selected jewelry brands as well as their specially commissioned collaboration collections.  

I was attracted to Labour of Love's colourful prints and the cool, contemporary cuts of their clothes. Their quality and detailing is amazing and at last a brand that makes adult clothes that are a cool and colourful as the kids ones.

I meet with the very awesome mum of two's founder Fran to learn more about the brands and its roots:

NAME OF SHOP/BRAND: Labour of Love

DATE IT WAS FOUNDED: I originally set Labour of Love up as a brick and mortar shop in Islington in 2004.

BY WHOM IT WAS FOUNDED: Francesca Forcolini 

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: The idea was to showcase and support independent British designers alongside our own eponymous label. The buying was very much on the creative/quirky side as was the interior and the consistently imaginative window displays and as such the shop gathered a really interesting creative customer base ranging from musicians to writers and actors.

At the time we felt there was definitely room for more independent shops supporting the smaller fashion businesses as well as a need to counteract the growing number of faceless chain stores on the high street.

After 8 years the demographic change in the area coupled with the insane rent increase in the area forced us out, but by that point we were becoming aware of the changes in retail through our growing partnership online with the fashion marketplace Far Fetch and as a result decided to take the business solely online expanding our own label by adding mens and kids wear lines. We also felt the need to update the aesthetic of the brand by bringing it much more into the sport luxe arena which is more relevant to our current customer. 

Labour of Love is very much an London based urban brand with a leaning towards the arts, music, general culture as is reflected on our regular blog entries and monthly playlist.

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: The collections run on two levels, a more basic rolling line which includes the more simple trans seasonal pieces/favourite styles for example a very low ladies fine jersey harem trouser style which has been in production for a couple of years now and proving to be our best seller, these run alongside a more seasonal  limited edition run of print pieces made in collaboration with various designers/artists .The current print is a collaboration print with Finnish graphic artist Hanna Konola and next season will see a collaboration with Camille Walala.

The ideas is to create a modern day/no fuss wardrobe for creative urban types  which will see them easily through a day at work and then on to an evening event, the look is laid back and louche with particular attention paid to fabric/finish and production. By avoiding wholesale and selling directly we manage to keep the quality of the garment at designer standard while maintaining middle market prices.

We also have a roaming shop that we built ourselves, we call it our Deployable Shop and you can see pics of it on our website. They are basically giant flight cases/trunks with inbuilt shelves, we also have one with inbuilt speakers which doubles up as a desk.When they are all closed up we feel like roadies going on tour! So far we have only toured London but we have plans for a Labour of Love Europe tour with Berlin and Copenhagen as top stops on our list

BRAND: Naomi Purkiss Boutique

Naomi Purkiss Boutique make made to order bespoke clothing, from unusual bright coloured and bold pattered fabrics. Her designs and styles are flattering and unique, and due to the way they are cut many of her pieces would be perfect to wear if you are pregnant.

Here is what Naomi would like to tell us about her Boutique:

NAME OF BRAND/COMPANY: Naomi Purkiss Boutique



WHY WAS IT CREATED: Originating from my obsession with vintage and unusual fabrics, I started designing easy to wear, flattering garments in bold colours and prints. All items are made with carefully sourced fabrics and there are only a few of each made and some are one of a kind. Women feel special knowing they are wearing something unique which will not be found anywhere else.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: I offer a personal service where customers can choose a garment shape, choose a fabric and choose a length and I will make to order. Items can also be selected from the rail of current stock at my home studio in South London. Alternatively customers can place an order via email. Join my mailing list by contacting me at for information about my 'Top Night' events or follow me on Instagram.

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: The Kimono jacket is a best seller and a statement piece, easy to throw on over jeans or dressed up for a more glam look. Better still, wear one over a matching, or contrasting, top and 'double up your NPB!'


Mamas Little Secret was founded by a breastfeeding mum who was looking for something flattering, comfortable and fashionable to wear while breastfeeding - and when she couldn't find anything she liked in the shops, she decided to make her own!

Here the founder (and above mentioned breastfeeding mum) Keely tells us what we should know about her brand Mamas Little Secret.

NAME OF BRAND/COMPANY: mamas little secret

DATE IT WAS FOUNDED: July 2013- however due to our twins being born that month, all came to a stand still and the website went live the following year - July 2014


WHY WAS IT CREATED: When I breastfed my first baby, I found it a struggle what to wear everyday….torn between ease and comfort which often meant me loosing my identity (wearing something I would usually wear, to be able to feed in public). So I bought myself a sewing machine and made a few tops, that were flattering, and gave me confidence to feed out and about, in fabric I would felt myself in.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: On trend breast feeding tops, because easy access breast feeding shouldn’t mean mamas style shouldn’t be compromised

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: The Moli style top is proving to be the best seller. its perfect for summer and great for layering in the winter


Sometimes i go in to H&M and there are loads of amazing clothes that i want and other times i go in and find nothing.  I have got some great pieces from H&M that have lasted really well and are really great quality.  I am also a fan of H&M because they have one of the best eco credentials on the high streets.

Anyway i went in a couple of days ago and spotted a few good pieces - so i thought i'd share them!

Sequin T-shirt £29.99 / Playsuit £29.99 / Dress £14.99 / Jumpsuit £29.99 / T-shirt £12.99 / Top £29.99


I LOVE a Sale - i actually buy the majority of my clothes in the sale and on sale sites.  Here are a few of my sale shopping tips that i practice at least 4 times a year!

  • Make sure you LOVE what you buy - a good test is to think about if you would pay full price for it (although a bargain is also very tempting and can obviously make you like something more). 
  • If you see something in the sale you love - get it, you can always send it back but it will sell out of you don't buy it now!  
  • Think ahead - buy pieces that i know will stay fashionable for a long time or are classics that will see you through a few more seasons.  I recently bought a winter jumper that i'll keep until its cold and have an amazing smart black dress (£15 from £70) with the tags still on that i plan to wear to an event and the end of the summer.  
  • I do most of my clothes shops online and i particularly like Sale shopping online as you don't have to deal with the mess and carnage of the shop floor.  Use the filters eg. shop by size.
  • If there is something you love but its not available in your size keep checking back as sometimes things get sent back and become available again.
  • Always buy the correct size - from experience if its to small/big it bugs me and i don't wear it as much.
  • Keep a look out for things that are usually expensive eg. swimming costumes, coats, leather bags etc. - you'll always need them and when they are are half price they are much more appealing. 

TOPSHOP Denim Smock Dress WAS £45 NOW £15 / TOPSHOP Dungarees WAS £48 NOW £15 / Zara WAS £80 NOW £50 

COS WAS £55 NOW £38 / COS WAS £79 NOW £39 / & Other Stories WAS £45 NOW £13


Black see through shirts and tops are really useful - which is I think why i have a few of them.  They are great worn smartly, to work or dressed down.  

I've been wearing this H&M a fair bit lately, basically because it goes with everything.  I usually wear a thick strapped black vest top under them, but white or brighter ones would also work.  

Here are a few others i've got my eye on:

Zara £29.99 / Topshop £38 / & Other Stories £25 / Zara £25.99


After having my first baby i was looking forward to wearing my wardrobe again, i had not considered that i'd actually have to wait another year or so until i could wear it all again. The reason being that i'd have to dress to breastfeed (and cover a pot belly).  

At first i found dressing to breastfeed harder than styling a bump.  There are more restrictions and seem to be less options.  Plus there are no decent nursing clothes on the high street.  But now that i understand what works and what doesn't i never let it get in the way of a good outfit.

Basically to get access to your nips - tops can come up / tops can come down / tops can open.

Here are a few tips:

Vests - I tend to wear vests under everything - i usually pull the vest down and the top up.  That way my tummy stays hidden by the vest and my chest is hidden by the top and nipple and boob exposure is kept to a minimum. You can buy nursing vests which can be good but i found that any stretchy vest works (H&M do good ones).  Its better if they are tighter and made of thin fabric otherwise your top can look a bit bulky.  Also think about the colour eg. i have a leopard print vest (obviously) that looks cool under a slightly see through white top, i wear ones that are a similar colour to the top top and i wear clashing or patterned ones - its all in the detail. 

Shirts and front button tops - the obvious choice, these can be unbuttoned or pulled up.  Avoid plain coloured silk ones as any leakage, puke, sweat tends to show up more - plus they are a pain to wash and iron.  The likely hood is that you won't be dressing up smartly every day and might be shopping with practicality in mind - denim shirts are great and always look cool as are checked ones.

 H&M £29.99 / Zara £17.99 

Zips or loose bottom tops - i recently spotted a top from H&M that had two zips up either side, this would be great for breastfeeding. You could unzip the side you need access to and pull your undervest down, the zips would mean that you don't have to hunch the top to much and your baby's head would be covered.  Most tops can be worn with the undervest technique but personally i prefer to wear ones that fit slightly looser around the tummy, they are more flattering and easier to pull up.

Topshop £36 / Zara £25.99


Since having children i've been more conscious of the fact that sometimes i dress like one.  But i don't mind - i often get outfit envy from kids clothes.

There are loads of cool, fun sweatshirts around at the moment that if you shrunk could be what you are dressing your children in.  They are easy to wear (and wash) and the kids will love them.

Lu Lu & Co sale £30 / ASOS £35 / ASOS DISNEY £30 / Wildfox £99 / ASOS £30 / Alice Takes A Trip £35 / Gestuz £99