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Shepherds London is a new company who distribute Japanese traditional agricultural trousers called Monpe. The Monpe trousers (also known as Japanese Jeans) are ethically and sustainably handmade in Japan and will last for life.

One of the reasons the founder, Sonoko has started to distribute Monpe trousers in the UK is to support the traditional industry - which after 120 years of it's history is dying and she wants and knows it's important to protect and sustain it for future generations.

The trousers are very easy to wear and are very comfortable. They are made from an top quality natural cotton fibre produced only in Fukuoka Japan so wear well and get softer with age. 

Here is some more information from Sonoko:


DATE IT WAS FOUNDED: February 2016

BY WHOM IT WAS FOUNDED: Sonoko Obuchi (Stage set designer in London, mum of two)

WHY WAS IT CREATED: To introduce Monpe Japanese traditional agricultural trousers to the UK.  Monpe trousers are unisex, and come in Small, Medium and Large sizes.  They are known in Japan as Japanese jeans due to their design and toughness.  I was born deep in the countryside of Fukuoka prefecture where the Monpe trousers have been produced for centuries using fine Kurume Kasuri fabric since the 18th century.  Today there are about 30 traditional workshops creating Kurume Kasuri Monpe.  I have been a fan of Monpe trousers myself since I was a child and I want this amazing folk wear, culture and the craftsmanship to thrive for the future generations.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: Shepherds London is the exclusive provider of Kurume Kasuri Monpe trousers in the UK.  Monpe trousers are made of highest quality natural cotton fibre produced only in Fukuoka prefecture, Japan.  Tied, dyed, weaved with love by Japanese artisans, 100% made in Japan.  Once you own a pair of Monpe, you will want to wear them for life, and pass them on to the next generation.  I have passed on the Monpe I wore as a child to my two children who now enjoy wearing their Monpe trousers in London.  Monpe are also great as maternity wear.  The elasticated waist allow for stretching right through the final trimester with comfort.  This is ethical and sustainable fashion.  

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: Monpe trousers.  I am so happy that I am able to introduce this ace product in the UK.  When you wear and wash Monpe regularly, it gets softer and softer.  You can move freely and feel ever more comfortable as they wear in.  The comfort of wearing Monpe is addictive once you experience it.  You can nurture our Monpe in your everyday life.  You will fall in love with them, just like your favourite personalised jeans.


Kindred is a new ethically sourced, high quality but great value T-shirt and Sweatshirt brand.

Founded from the desire to find the perfect T-shirt the designs are hand printed on fair-trade, 100% cotton in East London.

Unsurprisingly I love the leopard's face and lips designs!

Here is some more info on this super cool new brand:


DATE IT WAS FOUNDED: January 2016 with web launch March 2016


WHY WAS IT CREATED: In my previous job as a photo shoot producer I was away from my family more than I wanted to be. And despite working in and around the fashion industry for nearly 20 years I couldn't find good-looking t-shirts and sweatshirts - that didn't just have slogans on - that were ethically made without breaking the bank. So I did it myself - necessity is the mother of invention after all.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: All our t-shirts and sweatshirts have a conscience. They are all 100% cotton, all fair-trade and the vast majority are organic and each design is screen printed by hand in East London. We are inspired by art, music, pop-culture and comfort. Laid back easy-to-wear pieces that make a subtle but eye catching statement. Perfect if you don't want to think too hard about what to wear but still want to look fashionable and cool.

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: A t-shirt of course! Or a sweatshirt. Or you could go completely mad and buy both. The beauty of Kindred is that you can buy one, two or three t-shirts and they all retain their individuality. We have customers that are on t-shirt number three already... they're not the same tired designs being offered elsewhere, they are unique, striking, and great quality.



Seven Boot Lane is a family run, independent shoe brand based in the UK, who collaborate with a (family run) factory in Spain - where they have been making and crafting shoes for hundreds of years. Seven Boot Lane are committed to sustainable fashion and a sustainable supply chain and believe that it can make a real difference to how we feel about our clothes and shoes.  

Their shoes are amazing quality and have been made by talented craftsmen who have a real passion for what they do. They have leopard print shoes and silver glitter boots as well as more classic leather and suede, their designs are innovative and their shoes are comfortable and made to last.

Here is some more information and some facts about the brand:


DATE IT WAS FOUNDED: Founded in 2012

BY WHOM IT WAS FOUNDED: By Sebastian and Mais Edwards

WHY WAS IT CREATED: We have an absolute passion for beautiful boots - the kind you can only make in Spain or Italy. But we also believe in a more considered, slower fashion industry. We think that a personal and sustainable supply chain can make a real difference to how we feel about buying and wearing our clothes. Our dream was to create a kind of positive luxury for a conscientious consumer - beautiful products made by creative and talented people who really care about what they do.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: We are a family-run, independent footwear label based in the beautiful Mendip Hills of Somerset; with a shop in Bath's Milsom Place. We develop our designs with a family-run factory in Elche, Spain where they have been making handcrafted boots and shoes for generations. The styles all have a unique design handwriting which comes from the collaborative nature of our design process. Our designs are true to the trends whilst being timeless in their own right. We create boots and shoes to last.

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: There's so many to choose from. This season brings with it some beautiful new styles such as the western boot, Florence; the elegant slipper cut shoe, Dixie; the perfect slip-on trainer, Flame; the casual summer chunky espadrille, Falcon; and the to-die-for sandal, Fiji. Alongside these new styles we have a selection of Seven Boot Lane classics which include Erin, an elegant mid-heel ankle boot; Carrie, a slightly western feeling stacked heel ankle boot and Annie, a style with us from the beginning, it is the perfect western boot for all you 'Calamity Jane's out there.

I have a discount code for Seven Boot Lane valid between 29th February - 6th March 2016 enter DRESSLIKEAMUM for 15% off.


Nobody's Child is a new London based brand with a belief in and commitment to fashion being ethically produced but at the same time competitively priced.

Nobody's Child was created from a partnership between two independent family businesses, one specialising in textiles and the other in manufacturing. Nobody's Child are unique in the fact that they have complete control over their entire manufacturing process which enables them to claim such high ethical practices not usually associated with lower price points.

Here is some more info on this exciting new brand:

NAME OF BRAND: Nobody's Child

DATE IT WAS FOUNDED:  Launched in October 2015 (but it’s taken us decades to get here).

BY WHOM IT WAS FOUNDED: The concept came about when two independent family businesses, one specialising in textiles, the other in manufacturing (but both having supplied many of the UK’s leading fashion retailers) decided to join forces.

WHY WAS IT CREATED: As much as we love fast fashion, and the immediacy and affordability of it, for it to continue, it needs to change. So that’s what we’ve set out to do: deliver the most on-trend pieces at the lowest possible prices - without sacrificing quality or compromising our ethical standards.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: Nobody’s Child is a London-based clothing brand with a very simple belief: that fast fashion doesn’t necessarily have to mean low quality or questionable manufacturing standards. Fashion has never been faster, and so today’s generation have come to expect on-trend pieces at rock bottom prices. 

Nobody's Child is a completely integrated enterprise. From the weaving of the fabrics to the delivery of the finished garment, we either own or have complete control over the entire manufacturing process. We knit and dye fabrics in our own facilities, we produce garments in our own factories and we distribute through our own fulfilment distribution centre, all of which are ethically managed and employed with our own staff.

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: Nobody's Child gives you high quality fashion, ethically manufactured fashion, that is competitively priced fashion - so if you agree with this you should buy everything!


Ethical Collection London stock a variety of stunning clothes, accessories and home-ware. All of their products have been carefully selected to ensure that they have been ethically and eco-sensitively sourced but at the same time are all high quality, well made and beautiful.

Ethical Collection was founded by Giovanna after she witnessed the positive effect of a charity project she worked on in the slums of Rio de Janeiro, and from her desire to promote artisans working ethically around the world, and to provide opportunities and to change the ways of fast fashion and its destruction of the planet.

I am a massive supported of ethical and sustainable fashion and products so i was excited to find a trusted company doing it so stylishly. 

Here is a bit more info on the brand,how it all started and what we should buy from them (there are SO many nice things):




WHY WAS IT CREATED: The idea for Ethical Collection was born when I was working in the slums of Rio De Janeiro, running a charity to teach young women how to make bags from recycled materials, market them and sell them.

I saw first hand the direct positive effect that this project had on the women, their families and their communities, enabling the women to pay for their children to go to school. They took such pride in their work to their own benefit and to the benefit of their wider environment – and of course the bags were incredibly beautiful!

Ever since then, I v been looking for the perfect opportunity to promote artisans working ethically around the world and to provide opportunities. I am also deeply concerned that our fast fashion habits can create such pain and destruction in our world - we owe it to future generations to make eco-sensitive decisions so that we can preserve the world’s inherent beauty. So we developed Ethical Collection to provide a choice between fashion with a conscience and our usual fast fashion habits without - and most importantly to give consumers access to the most beautiful products from around the world!

We wanted to create a brand that would cater for all ages and have a diverse price range too. And while we feel that we have achieved that, we also feel we are only scratching the surface of the possibilities! We can’t wait to do more.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: Ethical Collection launched at the beginning of 2015 with a mission to widen and promote eco-sensitive fashion choices for customers with a social conscience.

We work with socially responsible international fashion brands and artisans who are passionate about producing beautiful contemporary clothing and accessories in an ethical and sustainable way. And we have a wide variety of stunning eco-luxury items - from minimalist contemporary clothing to fun pom-pom bags. We have something sustainably suitable for everyone, with a beautiful story behind each brand.

It is our priority to work with brands that make the welfare and safety of those working for them a priority, and concentrate on reducing harm to our natural environment. We also collaborate with communities and charities in the UK and abroad to develop new bespoke products and provide opportunities for artisans.

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: PITUSA DRESS -The perfect bright summer dress,  PAPER THINKS - fantastic gifts made form recycled leather, BOHEMIA FEATHER SCARF - A unique accessories,  ORGANIC SLEEPWEAR - traditional hand block printing meets contemporary luxury sleepwear design,  RED SIREN CLUTCH - the perfect red bag!


One of the things i think about a lot (apart from kids, life, fashion etc.) is recycling. I worry about how much waste we produce - it bugs me so much when i take apart packaging to find part of it marked with a 'not currently recyclable'  what...? why not? that we are still using, manufacturing and then wasting all this material and plastic that has had such a short life is insane. 

I believe, like every industry the fashion industry has to be challenged and accountable for the waste and environmental effects it has on this planet. It has to be responsible for the people who work in that industry and ensure that what they are doing is sustainable. I also believe that consumers need to be aware and better informed of where and how their clothes are produced. 

The film The True Cost is a film that explores the cost of the fashion industry on people and the planet.

There are a few brands that are pioneering new fabrics, who ensure fair trade working conditions and that aren't compromising style. One of those is Deborah Campbell Atelier who among other things has launched a collection of dresses and tops made from Newlife fabric, which is an Italian yarn manufactured from recycled plastic bottles.

I recently got this blue top from her and i love it - its super soft, fits perfectly and individual.

Deborah Campbell Atelier has committed to being a sustainable business without compromising style, design or quality. Here the founder Deborah tells us more about her brand and whats important about it:

NAME OF BRAND/COMPANY: Deborah Campbell Atelier

DATE IT WAS FOUNDED: November 2014

BY WHOM IT WAS FOUNDED: My good self Deborah Campbell

WHY WAS IT CREATED: To offer a British made sustainable fashion line that was contemporary, smart and print driven.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: Deborah Campbell Atelier is a British made ethical womenswear label - fashion with a season-less edge. We support local communities and responsible design is our mission. We draw on the great British heritage of high quality fashion manufacturing. The collections foundation is in print exclusively designed at DCA and inspired by art and nature. Our abstract prints are unique to each garment through cut and style. Pieces intended to form a narrative of love and longevity, with an easy wear aesthetic.

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: Our Isabelle shift dress and top are made from recycled plastic bottles, we believe recycled fabric is pioneering and something for the future and would love our customers to embrace it. It’s washable at 40 degrees, durable and our abstract prints make it unique. Each style is cut so no two dresses or tops are the same, your very own customised item! By buying from DCA you will be supporting the British economy, and a startup striving to make a difference in fashion.